‘GOTHAM’ TV show casts YOUNG BRUCE WAYNE…and CATWOMAN. Becauseofcourse.

weep son weep

GOTHAM. The TV show. Not the perennially destroyed landscape of the movies, or video games. It’s casting people like wut. Like woah. Like wut-woah. (It’s been a long fucking day.) The latest castings are a big one, and an interesting but maybe obvious one. Can that even leave it as interesting? I don’t know, okay? Anyways. The show has picked up its Bruce Wayne. Annnddd…it’s Selina Kyle? Familiar names! Familiar characters! Much recognizable!

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Cosplay: CATWOMAN. ‘Cause Latex.


There is a good chance that I will never pass up the opportunity to feature Catwoman cosplay. Okay? So just enjoy it. Or mosey on your way. Mosey on!

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The Dark Knight Rises – It Rises, It Rises, It’s Risen, It’s Here

[Caff note: spoilers abound in the post-article comments area. You were warned. As well, Omega-Level sends out love, thoughts and best-wishes to everyone grappling with the DKR midnight shooting tragedy in Colorado]

How is anything supposed to follow The Dark Knight?  Nolan’s trilogy ender will reap enormous numbers of attendees and box office dollars solely based on people wanting another TDK.  Another round of dark, violent and unpredictable chaos in Gotham.  Another villain as jarringly memorable as Ledger’s Joker.  And another story that transcends comic roots and becomes lovingly embraced by the mainstream as a ‘crime saga’.

This might hurt your appreciation of Rises as it nearly did mine.  In so many ways, this film feels like a direct sequel to Batman Begins.  It notably takes the few elements it needs from the trilogy’s second chapter – Harvey Dent’s ‘legacy’, Rachel’s death and Bruce’s need to pass the mantle on – and forgets about the others, rejoining the stream Begins established seven years ago.

It’s awesome that the film feels like a much more appropriate bookend to Nolan’s trilogy in that regard.  My fear was that the runaway success and rampant permeation of the Joker and TDK into popular culture would mean that everything about Rises would follow from, and be influenced by TDK, and only TDK.  Not so.  Not so at all.  I’m definitely still a little dizzy off the high of the midnight venture to see this, and I’m sure I missed many more vital connections to TDK, so take his all as a sleep-deprived first gut reaction.

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Catwoman Is A Playable Character In ‘Batman: Arkham City’. Latexgasm. Hard.

Pigs! If oogling Catwoman from afar in Batman: Arkham City wasn’t good enough for you, now you’ve hit the jackpot. Selina Kyle isn’t just going to be a latex-clad foil and sexual dynamo for the players to drool over. No sir! She’s going to be a fully playable character. A manipulable fetish object for everyone to enjoy. This was revealed today in an impressively sexist trailer complete with gratuitous shots of ass, glistening lips, and a “warrior pose” which has Kyle arching her back, pushing out her tits, and posing for your enjoyment.

Female empo-meow-erment, lol, get it? Awful, I know.

Hit the jump for the reveal trailer.

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