Sega has revealed the Game Gear Micro, an insanely small-ass retro handheld!

sega game gear micro

Sega! The fuck you up to, dudes? The Game Gear Micro? A handheld that’s screen is only 1.15-inches? Uh, okay!

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‘Yakuza 7’ is dropping next year and it’s going fucking full turn-based combat! Fucking wild.

yakuza 7 2020 rpg

Yakuza 7 is coming next year, fuckers. And it’s got itself a meaty-assed change in tow. The seventh installment is going from beat-em-up to turn-based combat. This is fucking wild, even to me, a schlub who hasn’t played the series.

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Sega dropping “extreme” ‘Yakuza’ remake this August

sega yakuza remake

I’ve never gotten into Sega’s Yakuza series, despite wanting to. I don’t know if I’ll play this extreme remake, despite it being a perfect opportunity to get into said franchise. However, I certainly am interested.

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Sega seems to be teasing at new ‘Bayonetta’ project

sega teasing new bayonetta

I loved Bayonetta. Never played the second. But man I’m there if they put out a new Bayonetta for the PS4/Xb1, or even a port of the second.

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Sega’s ‘Space Channel 5’ is coming to VR

Space Channel

Space Channel 5. Holy fucking shit, does that name recall some memories. Namely, being a 260-pound virgin high school senior who was getting vague erections from a rhythm game. But I mean, those memories aren’t that bad?

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Sega’s ‘Rent A Hero’ game being adapted into a movie; wonderful, confusing

rent a hero

Sega’a Rent A Hero is being adapted into a movie. Are you familiar with this property? No? How could you not know? Why, it’s a title from Sega’s Japanese Mega Drive that dropped in 1991! A natural selection for a movie!

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‘Jet Set Radio’ and ‘Golden Axe’ are currently free on Steam

Jet Set Radio.

Man. My kingdom for another Jet Set Radio. You may be asking, and I will tell you: my Kingdom is a collection of Pepsi Max cans, various Funk POP! collectibles, and three pairs of heavily-used underwear. It seems like a square deal, no? But for those of you looking to hold out in different ways, perhaps downloading Jet Set Radio for free on Steam.

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‘Yakuza 6’ Trailer: Kick ass in kick ass graphics

IT LIVES! Check out a SEGA PLUTO PROTOTYPE. S’real, yo.

Sega Pluto -- wut wut.

Back in the day, Sega didn’t give a fuck. It was high on cocaine and blast processing, throwing money at men, women, and new console iterations. One of those iterations that never saw the light of day was the Pluto, a Sega Saturn with built-in online capabilities. ‘Cause that used to be special. Now a prototype of this little pig has hit the internet.

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Press Start: Returns and Reptiles


Confession time: I missed last week’s article for three incredibly valid reasons.

  1. Borderlands 2
  2. A stealth hangover (seriously did not see the bastard coming)
  3. Hernia

OK, I possibly invented the third one, but still one and two are still pretty solid. Now, do you see the validity? Absorb it. Forgive me and then let’s move on. I’m about to hit you with such an incredibly powerful fistful of gaming news and titillation that you’ll wish I’d finally eaten myself into that early grave.

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