Rumor: ‘Wonder Woman’ movie wants Eva Green and Sean Bean for two villains

Eva Green

Man. I fuck with anything that has Eva Green in the cast. And I mean! Sean Bean! Who else would anyone want for an obviously coming, but still emotionally gripping death sequence? So cast them, Wonder Woman. Cast them both.

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‘JUPITER ASCENDING’ Trailer: Science-Fiction Absurd Core?

Jupiter Ascending.

I don’t even know what the fuck to think about Jupiter Ascending. Like…every time I see new promotional materials for the movie  my only thought is “how the fuck did this get made?” It looks equal parts expensive, absurd, intriguing, horrible, terrifying, confusingly erotic, and entertaining. I desperately want it either to be a) good, or b) so bad I can laugh while enjoying the visuals.

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Game of Thrones FINALE!: Fire and Blood

If the final minutes of “Fire and Blood” didn’t make your jaw hit the floor, best go have your pulse checked. The dragon(s) have awoken and season 1 of Thrones ended on such a homerun for HBO, the audience, and that fat guy with two middle initials: George R.R.Martin. Producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss did a great job of adapting this immensely rich novel and streamlining it into a coherent show. Like the first book in the “Song of Ice and Fire” series, season 1 is essentially a prologue for the war to come and an even more grand season 2.

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Game of Thrones: The Pointy End

Game of Thrones does this really incredible thing every week in which things appear to be at their worst. It feels like at any moment the kettle is going to boil over and everything will burst into flames. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t. The scary thing is, is that it’s still going to get worst. It’s unrelenting. With this episode everyone is gearing up for war. The “green” Robb Stark is stepping up to the plate for his father’s honor, the Lannisters are eager to defend their title, the Dothraki have no choice but to follow Drogo across the sea, and it appears that an unholy army is massing north of the Wall. I’ve read the first two books in the series and all of this still excites the hell out of me.

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Game of Thrones: You Win or You Die

RIP King Robert – you were a whoring drunk whose death seemed rather pathetic. But we’re not stupid. You weren’t just gutted by a boar. We know foul play when we see it. You were fed drugged wine by your squire, Lancel Lannister. You’re dead now, though. Something a lot of people have been eagerly waiting for: your wife Cersei, you “son” Joffrey, and your brothers Renly and Stannis. The problem is that all of these people feel entitled to the throne (while the real heir works as a blacksmith’s apprentice) and civil war is about to break out any moment. Martin didn’t choose the title of his book because it sounded pretty.

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Game of Thrones: A Golden Crown

So long, Viserys. I’m glad to see that in the end you finally got that crown you were constantly whining about. You have to admit though, Viserys went from being a total prick when we first met him to just plain pathetic right before they pour gold all over his head. I wouldn’t call it tragic, but he’s been told since he was five years old that the he would be king – a “dragon.” Watching a crowd chant the name of his sister’s unborn prince – Rhaego – was his tipping point. Ah, well. The crowning scene was beautifully brutal nonetheless.

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Game of Thrones: The Wolf and the Lion

More than any other episode thus far, “The Wolf and the Lion” feature moments that did not occur in the book. While some fans may turn their nose up at this, I think it’s been the only way to present some of the character backgrounds and relationships penned by George R.R. Martin. Writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been doing an excellent job at adapting Martin’s rich tomes and this episode prominently displays their understanding of the material. The great scene between Robert and Cersei is a perfect example of this. It never happens in the books, but it makes sense on the screen and allows newbie viewers a deep look into how things work in the Seven Kingdoms.

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Winter Done Come: Game of Thrones Review

For those who are unfamiliar with George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series, I can see how the first episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones could be disorientating. You’re being introduced to a lot of characters and hierarchy in just a short hour. But for fans of the series, I think the consensus is that they knocked it out of the park – even improving on some of Martin’s tedious exposition. I got into the series not too long ago and it’s one helluve ride. Thrones, the first book in the series, is essentially a sword and sandal soap opera that is more about political intrigue and power plays than clashing steel.

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