Game of Thrones: A Golden Crown

So long, Viserys. I’m glad to see that in the end you finally got that crown you were constantly whining about. You have to admit though, Viserys went from being a total prick when we first met him to just plain pathetic right before they pour gold all over his head. I wouldn’t call it tragic, but he’s been told since he was five years old that the he would be king – a “dragon.” Watching a crowd chant the name of his sister’s unborn prince – Rhaego – was his tipping point. Ah, well. The crowning scene was beautifully brutal nonetheless.

Daenerys’ transformation into the confident Dothraki khaleesi was swift but totally believable. She’s reached a happy medium with Khal Drogo and with the whole Dothraki culture as well. She understands how things work, but she’s still not afraid to speak up when she spots an injustice. A ride-or-die chick till the end, Daeny’s eating of the horse heart was as sexy as it was uncomfortable. She wasn’t harmed when handling the burning dragon egg…hmm.

Our favorite cheeky imp found a strange champion in the Eyrie. Bronn, a sellsword Catelyn picked up on the way to the Eyrie, acts as Tyrion’s proxy and takes on one of Lysa’s well-armored men in a trial-by-combat. That fight made up for the somewhat clumsy one Jaimie and Ned engaged in at Kings Landing. It was great and the final kick over the edge by Bronn was fantastic. When Lysa bitches that Bronn did not fight with honor, he nods to the whole in the floor and replies, “No. He did.” SO GANGSTA!

Speaking of great lines: “There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing to say it to the Death: Not today.” Syrio Forel is more than fancy feet and an afro – he’s providing serious life skills to Arya because shit’s about to hit the fan and the Seven Kingdoms are becoming increasingly less safe for even royal blood.

We’re at the point now in Thrones – THEE point. Everything is set up: Rob is off hunting, the girls are going to go back to Winterfell, Catelyn has lost control of the Tyrion situation, Viserys is dead. Let the *ahem* games begin. (Sorry, couldn’t help it)

NOTE: I understand that the next episode was already available to you rich folk who actually subscribe to HBO. For those who don’t, there are plenty of quality torrents of it online. Even though I’ve seen it, the re-up will be posted next week, like normal.

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