Rumor: DAVID S. GOYER writing and directing ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ flick. Or just writing.

David S. Goyer.

David S. Goyer’s stock appears to be on the upswing. Homeboy contributed to the Dark Knight Trilogy, wrote Man of Steel, and now could be dipping his fingers into the intestines of the Justice League script.

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Quentin Tarantino talking about his ’30s gangster flick again. Do it!

One of the lovely things about Tarantino around the release of one of his movies is that the auteur begins to spit about upcoming works. The Melty Faced One is now once again talking about his desire to make a 1930s gangster flick.

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Rumor: Viggo Mortensen as DR. STRANGE in ‘THOR: THE DARK WORLD’? Hell yeah.

From Aragorn to Arakarababa zappy do! That’s a spell. Get it? Ah, fuck me. Whatever. Sir Viggo, known not just for Lord of the Rings but bare ass sauna fights, may be appearing in the second Thor flick. The world is better for this.

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Rumor: ‘DARK KNIGHT RISES’ Blu-ray could contain Nolan’s ‘DIRECTOR’S CUT’, gasp.

Can you not get enough of Dark Knight Rises? I can. I’ve pretty much forgotten about the sprawling, 6/10, mess of a finale. However, for those of you who need more Goddamn Bat-Guy, you may be in luck. Rumor is that Christopher Nolan is preparing a Director’s Cut version of the flick. Who knows, maybe with another half-hour the film will have what some film fans call “pacing” or something. (I am trolling, yes.)

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