Rocksteady Studios’ rumored ‘Superman’ game gets new leak ahead of Game Awards next week

rocksteady studios superman game

Hey! Yet another leak has seemingly confirmed that Superman game by Rocksteady Studios. The game has been rumored forever. Additionally, I think we all sort of know it’s real, right? It’s just been a matter of waiting for official confirmation. Which, by the way, may be next Thursday.

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Rumor: Open-World Superman game being developed by Rocksteady

open world superman game rocksteady

There are rumblings,  once again, that Rocksteady is working on a Superman title. Specifically, the company behind them fucking Arkham games are giving old Kal-El the same kind of treatment. And if it’s true? Fuck yeah.

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‘Arkham Knight’ Season Pass Details: Batgirl standalone story arc, Nightwing, more


Looks like Batman: Arkham Knight is making a strong push to get me to rescind my “Fuck it, I’m done buying Season Passes for Games” proclamation. The (post?) game is dropping a litany of content, but most importantly? A fucking Batgirl standalone arc.

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‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Gameplay Trailer: Unfathomable Badassery


Fucking resent this trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. This shit ain’t dropping any time soon, and Rocksteady goes and hangs this fucking stunning gameplay trailer on our heads. Or perhaps around our necks like the Noose called Time. We are just waiting. WAITING. The noose hanging. Heavily. Cutting into our skin. WAITING. For this stunning piece of shit to arrive.

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Microsoft store: ‘BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT’ dropping in Feb of 2015

Arkham Knight

*Gurgling disappointment bile* Well, it seems that Batman: He’s Totally Not Hush? won’t be coming out in January like Kevin Conroy said. Conroy. You sexy fuck. You filthy liar. Instead the jam will be dropping in February, if you believe a Microsoft store listing.

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Arkham Knight

Here’s one way a company can sugarcoat their delay of one of 2014’s most anticipated games until 2015. Do it with a gorgeous trailer. Win some. Lose some.

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‘BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT’ SCREENS: Gotham Never Looked So Good

The Bat.

Sorry to all my plebeian friends who ain’t into the next-gen game. You see, I’m fucking stoked that the new Batty installment is only for the new consoles, and I sadly don’t care who that cuts out. ‘Cause focusing on the highest tech (that would have sounded so cool in 1997) has the fucking visuals BOOMING. (This never sounded cool.)

Hit the jump for all the screens.

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New Rocksteady-powered ‘BATMAN’ GAME being revealed next week?


I love me some Rocksteady Studios-powered Batman. Which is why when they weren’t responsible for last year’s Arkham: Mandatory Joker Appearance, I abstained. However it appears that those fuckers used the padded time acquired from handing off last year’s iteration to a new team to polish their own Batty-Man title.

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New ‘BATMAN’ Game Is Prequel To ‘ARKHAM ASYLUM’, Features Justice League.

The next Batty-Man video game is going to be all up in the prequel bidness. Not only that, Flying Rodent Fans, it is also going to feature the Justice League.

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Catwoman Is A Playable Character In ‘Batman: Arkham City’. Latexgasm. Hard.

Pigs! If oogling Catwoman from afar in Batman: Arkham City wasn’t good enough for you, now you’ve hit the jackpot. Selina Kyle isn’t just going to be a latex-clad foil and sexual dynamo for the players to drool over. No sir! She’s going to be a fully playable character. A manipulable fetish object for everyone to enjoy. This was revealed today in an impressively sexist trailer complete with gratuitous shots of ass, glistening lips, and a “warrior pose” which has Kyle arching her back, pushing out her tits, and posing for your enjoyment.

Female empo-meow-erment, lol, get it? Awful, I know.

Hit the jump for the reveal trailer.

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