New Rocksteady-powered ‘BATMAN’ GAME being revealed next week?


I love me some Rocksteady Studios-powered Batman. Which is why when they weren’t responsible for last year’s Arkham: Mandatory Joker Appearance, I abstained. However it appears that those fuckers used the padded time acquired from handing off last year’s iteration to a new team to polish their own Batty-Man title.

GameStop got a new shipment of Batman banners yesterday—and although these materials could be marketing an older game or even downloadable content for last year’s Arkham Origins, evidence is pointing to a new Arkham reveal next week.

It’s been a few years since we last heard from Rocksteady, the British game studio responsible for previous Batman titlesArkham Asylum and Arkham City. The lastArkham game, Origins, was developed by the folks at Warner Bros. Montreal, and we don’t know what Rocksteady is up to at the moment, although clues have pointed toward their next game coming in 2014.

So what’s up with this GameStop material? (You can see the new banner above.) For one, there’s the reported press junket—Rocksteady held an event for reporters a few weeks ago with an embargo in March, according to one Dutch journalist. (Kotaku did not attend that event.)

We’ve heard from GameStop employees saying this big ol’ Batman banner isn’t to be hung up until the week of March 3. There’s a lot of secrecy revolving around these materials, and GameStops are receiving a poster called “Zeppelin” that’s also linked to Batman, according to an employee who asked not to be named.

GameStop’s magazine, Game Informer, typically does their big exclusive cover reveals on the first week of each month, which for March is next week. Last year’s Arkham Origins was revealed on Game Informer cover.

On top of all that, a tipster sent us the following image:


This is a bit more of a stretch, but that “Available SKU” could be a good fit for an Arkhamgame. Both Arkham City and Origins were released in October, although new games are typically released on Tuesdays, and October 8, 2014 is a Wednesday. (Those dates for Drivecluband The Crew are almost certainly placeholders as well.)

And that’s everything we know. We’ll find out for sure in a few days, but for now, we’d rather share all of this information than keep it to ourselves, and it seems almost certain that we’ll see something related to Batman next week