New Rocksteady-powered ‘BATMAN’ GAME being revealed next week?


I love me some Rocksteady Studios-powered Batman. Which is why when they weren’t responsible for last year’s Arkham: Mandatory Joker Appearance, I abstained. However it appears that those fuckers used the padded time acquired from handing off last year’s iteration to a new team to polish their own Batty-Man title.

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New ‘BATMAN’ Game Is Prequel To ‘ARKHAM ASYLUM’, Features Justice League.

The next Batty-Man video game is going to be all up in the prequel bidness. Not only that, Flying Rodent Fans, it is also going to feature the Justice League.

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I deplore the design of Harley Quinn in Arkham City  and Arkham Asylum. Whatever sort of menace and charm she has in regular old Bats canon is replaced with a slutty Juggalo vibe. The trailer for Ms. Quinn’s upcoming DLC doesn’t do anything to dissuade me of my feelings, but rather just reminds me of what a whorish Hot Topic clown would look like.

Judge for yourself.

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‘Batman: Arkham City’ Cosplay Is Out Of Control Fantastic.

The minds at The Effects Lab have come together to produce the craziest goddamn Batman cosplay I’ve ever seen. There’s cosplay, and the there is this. Gauntlet thrown!

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Review: Batman Arkham City

Icarus, Jesus, Rocksteady Games. What do these three entities have in common. It’s not an affinity for sandals, or a desire to get closer to God, no: they are all victims of their own success. If I was in charge of Rocksteady Games I would have packed it in right after Arkham Asylum because crappy boss fights aside, that game was pure perfection.

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Catwoman Is A Playable Character In ‘Batman: Arkham City’. Latexgasm. Hard.

Pigs! If oogling Catwoman from afar in Batman: Arkham City wasn’t good enough for you, now you’ve hit the jackpot. Selina Kyle isn’t just going to be a latex-clad foil and sexual dynamo for the players to drool over. No sir! She’s going to be a fully playable character. A manipulable fetish object for everyone to enjoy. This was revealed today in an impressively sexist trailer complete with gratuitous shots of ass, glistening lips, and a “warrior pose” which has Kyle arching her back, pushing out her tits, and posing for your enjoyment.

Female empo-meow-erment, lol, get it? Awful, I know.

Hit the jump for the reveal trailer.

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The Penguin In ‘Arkham City’ Is The D-Bag You Know and Love (?).

Rocksteady Studios has dropped their rendition and interpretation of The Penguin from Arkham City on our asses, and it’s the same character we’ve come to know throughout years of Bat lore.

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The Riddler Is All Up In Batman: Arkham City.

The Riddler isn’t just some sidegame in Arkham City like he was in the first Batman game by Rocksteady Studios. No sir. According to Destructoid, The Riddler won’t be “just be taunting Batman this time around, but would have a physical presence in the world of Arkham City.”


Hit the jump for a few new images of Mr. Nygma and Bats.

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Batman: Arkham City Official Gameplay Trailer Drops. Goodness Me.

The official gameplay trailer for Arkham City dropped today, and I’m filling my Batsuit with muck. It’s all the awesomeness I expected, complimented by some sweet bullshit on the side. The portions with Batman flying through the night evading gun fire and swooping down to the ground weren’t something I was expecting, and they generated some serious torque in my crotchal region.

Hit the jump for the video.

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New Arkham City Screens! The Joker and Cleavage!

Every batch of Arkham City screens features at least one image pimping some glorious cleavage or latex bound babe. This is crop is no exception, and I think we all know how pleased I am with it. Oh yeah, the Joker is in it too.

Hit the jump for some new looks at the bonerfying sequel to Asylum.

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