Gary Oldman Joins ‘ROBOCOP’ Reboot As The Dude Who Creates The Bionic Crime Fighter

Wizard dude. The guy from Leon.  Commissioner  Gordon. Smiley. Gary Oldman has himself a fucking career, but what is he going to do after The Dark Knight Rises? Build RoboCop, duh.

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Joel Kinnaman Says The New ‘ROBOCOP’ Will Be More Human. Cause We All Cyborgs Now!

Actor Joel Kinnaman has been cast as the lead in the RoboCop remake, and he’s been speaking out recently about the gig. Usually I wouldn’t really pay attention to this fuzz, but Kinnaman hit on a hot topic that I think may agitate some Nerd Asses.

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Joel Kinnaman Is Official ‘RoboCop’, Are You Pumped?!

The RoboCop  reboot is here, and in confirmation of early reports, Joel Kinnaman is going to play the steel-plated piece of crime-blasting shit.

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