DC Sells Over 5 Million Issues In 6 Weeks. Hype Wins.

All the buzz surrounding DC’s confusing, crappy, underwhelming and poorly reasoned relaunch has resulted in beaucoup sales for the published. Lots  and lots of sales.

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Variant Covers: #OccupyGotham, Bruce Wayne Is A Corpo-Fascist.

Bruce Wayne is a corporate fascist. Imposing his will outside of the jurisdiction of the law, causing Socrates and good willed citizens of the world alike to shake their head.  How many schools could Bruce Wayne build with the amount of money he’s spending to build his fascist rodent state?

Occupy Gotham.
Occupy Metropolis.
Occupy Emerald City.

(This is Variant Covers, your weekly guide to the comics I’m checking out this week. Your pull-list is encouraged to be shared.)

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Rafael Grampa Does ‘Batman’, As Gorgeous As Expected.

This is a finding that’s bound to give Rendar a purple-headed priapism for at least  a day.  Rafael Grampa did himself a take on Mr. Wayne-Bat, and it’s goddamn glorious.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Marvel Teases “It’s Coming” At New York Comic-Con. TMI, Right?

Oh juvenile puns a-hoy! Man overboard the good taste ship! Uh. Anyways, Marvel is teasing that “It’s coming” at NYCC. What does this mean? In a Post-New 52 world can anything really measure up in terms of revelations? Eh?

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Image Comics Goes Same Day Digital With Graphic.ly And ComiXology. It Continues.

Let me tell you something. I can’t fucking find a copy of Red Wing #3. Because comic book stores suck my ass! Naw, I love them. I really do. But I can’t find a third issue of Hickman’s space-time-continuum-fucking opus anywhere. Soon when I can’t pull this off, I’m just going to fucking download it onto an iPad. Same day.

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DC’s Relaunch Erases All CRISIS Events From Continuity. Hrrk.

Remember Crisis On Infinite Earth? Don’t bother. Didn’t happen. Infinite Crisis? Didn’t happen. Final Crisis? Thankfully  didn’t happen. So says Dan DiDio.

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Dark Horse To Unveil Brian Wood/Becky Cloonan Project? OMGYes.

Goodness me! With Northlanders  and DMZ  ending I’ve been going into fits about where I’ll get my fix of Wood. (Quiet you.) Apparently the good man is teaming up again with Becky Cloonan and that sends a shiver of squee down my leg.

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DC Comics On Starfire Hussygate: Check The Ratings. Me-Oh-My.

Scott Lobdell sucks. His slutty Starfire fanboy wet dream  gallivanting  as “feminism” pissed off a lot of people last week. Like I said, Lobdell sucks. DC has tried to get his back, advising readers to “check the ratings.”

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Marvel Releases Covers For ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ #1 and 2. This Is Better.

I know we have some legitimate Chris Bachalo haters here on OL. While I’m not a huge fan of him, I enjoy these two covers. Much, much more than the covers for relaunching Uncanny.

Hit the jump.

Then give yo thoughts. Playahs.

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Pastor Weighs In On Superman’s (Lack of) Underpants In The New 52.

As much as I despise Jim Lee’s outdated swag, I’m surprisingly a fan of the new Superman outfit. Chitin armor, turtleneck, no underwear and all. Not down  with the new look is Pastor  Skye Jethani.

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