Marvel Teases “It’s Coming” At New York Comic-Con. TMI, Right?

Oh juvenile puns a-hoy! Man overboard the good taste ship! Uh. Anyways, Marvel is teasing that “It’s coming” at NYCC. What does this mean? In a Post-New 52 world can anything really measure up in terms of revelations? Eh?

Robot 6:

An ominous-looking postcard from Marvel arrived today at the Comic Book Resources offices teasing “It’s coming.” What It might be is anyone’s guess, but the note on the back from Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso promises we’ll find out more Oct. 15 at the “Cup O’ Joe” panel at New York Comic-Con.

Comic Book Resources will, of course, be covering the entire four-day convention, which kicks off Oct. 13 at the Jacob Javits Center. Marvel also encourages those who can’t attend to catch the announcement live at 5 p.m. ET Oct. 15 at “Because trust me,” Alonso writes, “you won’t want to miss this.”

Any guesses?