Timothy Olyphant may return as ‘Justified’ character Raylan Givens in new Elmore Leonard series. Bro, do not tease me!

timothy olyphant raylan givens city primeval

Jesus fucking Christ, what have I done to deserve this? I’m not sure, but I’m fucking stoked. Timothy Olyphant may be returning to reprise his role as one of my favorite characters ever, Raylan Givens. Dude would be doing so in a new Elmore Leonard series based off the 2012 novel, City Primeval. Like, fuck yes.

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‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 casts Timothy Olyphant. For all that’s holy, make him a gunslinger!

the mandalorian season 2 timothy olyphant

Timothy Olyphant has been cast in The Mandaorian Season 2! Jesus, the Universe is wild sometimes. Just today, I was telling our own Neo to watch Justified, because Olyphant is essentially Han Solo in the series. Now, the dude is joining the Star Wars universe!

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‘JUSTIFIED’ ending after its sixth season. No, Raylan! No!


All fantastic things must come to an end. Even Justified, which is my favorite television show currently airing. All fantastic things could also usually use some semblance of an end point to aim towards. So while I’m a bit butt hurt that Raylan’s adventures have a little less than two seasons left, I’m glad the writers have a trajectory they can keep in mind while they plot.

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Author ELMORE LEONARD passes away at the age of 87. Six-gun salute.

Elmore Leonard

only know Elmore Leonard through the screen-based adaptations he has been behind. Yes, I consider that a personal flaw. Even still, the author has contributed greatly to the bowl of pop culture enjoyment out of which I eat. Man, that’s a clumsy metaphor. Whatever! Keeping it.

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THIS WEEK ON Justified: Slaughterhouse

This is it kids.   This is the final stretch; the season finale of Justified.   Our dear friend Raylan has been through a lot these past few weeks.

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THIS WEEK ON Justified: Coalition

The pieces are in place.   The guns are primed.   The powder keg is lit.   The shit is going down on Justified.   Take off your Stetson, throw your boots on a table, sit back and stay a while.

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THIS WEEK ON Justified: Measures

Shit is getting real.   The pieces on the board are inching closer towards checkmate.   Soon enough we’ll see who’s still standing … ok, to be fair we’ll see how Raylan and Boyd put everyone else down.   So prop up your feet, sit back, and let’s have a look see at this past week’s Justified.

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THIS WEEK ON Justified: Guy walks into a Bar

This week we open up Justified with a few deputies trying to plant some drugs inside Shelby’s pick-up.   This election business is turning nasty.   When one of the deputies threatens to shoot down dear ol’ Shelby, he spins a tale about having liver cancer.   I suppose I’d be less willing to draw down on a man with a close expiration date.   Shelby sends them packing with a scolding and heads over to Boyd’s for advice and a drink.   We’re in the home stretch of season three; let’s see how the final few innings play out.

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THIS WEEK ON Justified: Loose Ends

After a long day of being accused of corruption and murder, Raylan likes to kick back, have a beer, and hide the weapon used to frame him.   All in a day’s work for our favorite US Marshal.

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