THIS WEEK ON Justified: Measures

Shit is getting real.   The pieces on the board are inching closer towards checkmate.   Soon enough we’ll see who’s still standing … ok, to be fair we’ll see how Raylan and Boyd put everyone else down.   So prop up your feet, sit back, and let’s have a look see at this past week’s Justified.

Duffy is dealing with a sober Quarles.   Quarles spent the previous evening on a drug and alcohol binge and decided that he needed to threaten a federal officer.   Duffy above all else is a survivor.   I don’t believe he has any particular feelings on whether or not Quarles lives or dies, I think he just wants him out of the way so that Raylan doesn’t strike him down as collateral damage.

Two things Raylan apparently sucks at; testifying in court and morning after sweet talk with the ladies.   Lindsey cuts through the bullshit and tells him that his dong is community property.   Suddenly we are joined by two thugs who want answers.   I was shocked to see Michael Ironside join the cast for what may be a small role, but I guess the man has to eat.   Raylan figures out who they are and what they want almost instantly.   Before things can get really interesting Lindsey walks back in.   I have a bad feeling she’s gonna have something horrible happen to her.

Raylan discharged his weapon in a crowded bar.   For a law enforcement officer, this is a no-no.   There are miles of paperwork for every time an officer discharges his weapon.   Art helps Raylan with his homework and informs him that they can now go after Quarles.   Because Raylan is the victim in this case Art tags along to make sure everything goes smooth.

Today is the day that Dickie Bennett gets released from prison.   Rachel and Tim have front row seats as they Watch Errol once again attempt to get Dick to take the cooler with a fraction of his mother’s money.   Dickie refused both the cooler and the uncomfortable ride back to civilization.

The errand Quarles had to run was getting his money back from Napier.   Napier tells him that it’s not going to happen.   Quarles settles for the name of a drug dealer he can rip off to get some seed money.   And if that and if that dealer happens to pay Boyd for protection, all the better.   Quarles might not be the force he was at the start of the season, but damn-it it looks like he’s going to see this thing through to the end.

Dickie holds a meeting with Rodney.   Last time Rodney and Dickie were together they got ripped off by Boyd.   Dickie wants Rodney’s help in getting his money back from Limehouse.   The thought of getting a piece of the missing Bennett fortune entices Rodney into helping.   However, the offer has a time limit.   Dickie has a day to find out exactly where his money is before they move and Rodney heads back to Memphis.

Back at the Crowder Bar the gang is think tanking a way to get Dickie’s money AND extract some vengeance on him.   Johnny is the only one in the room that doesn’t have a vested interest in cutting Dickie into a million little pieces and feeding him to pigs.   Johnny wants to focus getting the protection ring back up.

Quarles shows up at a drug dealer’s place.   As soon as he’s inside he’s challenged to a duel.   I’m guessing they aren’t on holy ground.   Quarles asks to the merchandise and then questions the security procedures of the druggies.   Before he’s kicked out Quarles shoots thug two and kills thug one with his own sword.   Quarles loudly proclaims “There can be only one!” and then takes the money and the drugs before the cops show up to question why all the lights and windows are blown out.

At the conclusion of the powwow between Dickie and Rodney, Rachael shows up to talk.   Before the slack jawed yokel can threaten her twice, she scores three points by kicking him in the uprights.   Ok, that reference was kinda bad.   Rachel kicks the dude in the nuts tells Rodney that they are onto Dickie.   Tim sneaks up behind them and accentuated the point.

Dickie goes to Ella May to figure out where his money is.   Ella May has some info for Dickie.   She tells him that Limehouse keeps his money buried under the church in Noble’s Hollar.   Apparently Dickie has heard this tale before and no one believes it.   Ella May informs Dickie that she has second hand knowledge that confirms it.

Raylan and Art around on the hunt for Quarles.   They start by staking out Duffy’s trailer.   I don’t care what these two are doing so long as they can do it together.   These two really need their own show … oh, wait, never mind, they already have one.

True to his nature Duffy sent the two thugs to Raylan to kill or be killed.   Either way worked for him.   If they killed Raylan, that’s a big enemy out of the game.   If they are killed, then that means Duffy is still the go to guy.   However, with both parties still breathing Duffy has cut a deal with someone.   I’m guessing it’s not going to be Raylan.

The Crowder gang show up and have a look at Quarles’ handiwork.   A neighbor shows up and tells Boyd a man with the bluest eyes she’d ever seen was the one that killed Boyd’s men and made off with the loot.   Boyd’s not fool, he puts 2 and 2 together quickly.

Dickie returns to tell Rodney he knows where Limehouse keeps his money stashed.   Rodney turns down the job.   Presumably because the marshals are listening to the meeting on his phone.

Boyd pays a visit to his friendly neighborhood crooked soon to be ex-sheriff.   Boyd figured it was Napier that put Quarles onto one of his dealers.   Since Napier is going to be out of a job soon, Boyd has no qualms about holding a gun to his head to get him to talk.   Napier sees the situation much the same and flips on Quarles.

Errol shows up at Dickie’s with the cooler “full” of cash.   Before it can change hands Tim and Rachel show up and seize the money.   It is not Dickie’s day.   The marshals hold Dickie and Errol under guard until a warrant can be filed to search Noble’s Hollar for the rest of the Bennett drug money.

Duffy leads his new Detroit friends to Quarles’s hotel room.   Inside they fiend Quarles’ “friend”.   Outside they find Raylan and Art.   Turns out Raylan is sneakier than Sam Fisher (See what I did there?) and take ol’ Ironside into custody.   Quarles watches the whole thing go down and figures its better for him to bug out.   Art and Raylan head inside to find thug one threatening the gimp.   Oddly enough its Art who shoots this time, wounding the Detroit thug in the leg.   Shortly Raylan and Art learn that these men aren’t in town to help Quarles do anything but take a nice long dirt nap.

Quarles needs a place to lay low.   He heads to Limehouse to seek amnesty.   However, before Limehouse will agree to Quarles moving in, he wants a show of faith.   Quarles presents Limehouse with a big bag of drugs.   Not being a drug dealer, Limehouse refuses the offer until it’s turned into cash.   Conveniently Napier calls Quarles to let him know he’s got a buyer on the line for the merchandise.    Napier tells Quarles that this is the last time the two interact and sends Quarles to Audrey’s.

Duff takes this opportunity to ask for a promotion.   Duffy calls Papa Tonin for the keys to the car.   Duffy is told no, but given the opportunity to make some cash.   The price for Quarles is $100,000 dead, $200,000 alive.   Its strongly suggested that Duffy settle for the $100,000.   Duffy is a pragmatic individual, I’m sure that’s how he wants to play it as well.

Quarles arrives at Audrey’s hoping to make a deal.   While on the phone to Duffy Boyd pops out and hits him with a stun gun.   Boyd instructs the girls to strip Quarles and retrain him.   He picks up the phone and continues the conversation with Duffy.   Crowder proposes that Duffy and Crowder team up and split the Quarles’ bounty.   Duffy, in true self-preservation mode suggests Boyd kills Quarles for a quick $100,000.   Boyd however wants to go for the two point conversion.   I don’t know about you guys but I am psyched as shit for the Duffy-Crowder super team.

Art and Raylan conclude their day by filing reports about discharging a weapon, and saddling up for a raid on Noble’s Hollar.   Raylan has heard about Limehouse’s church stash since he was a kid and decline.   He’s going to out do things on his own.   Since he’s the central character of the show, I guess he’s probably going to be right.

We close this week with Tim and Rachael walking away from Dickie as they take his 40-some-odd thousand and change.   Errol confirms that the church stash is bullshit even with Dickie’s information.   Dickie then sees an angle.   He supposes he can flip Errol by offering him a slice of the money.   Errol is in, but he has one stipulation.   He wants to bring in a crew that can help.   He wants Boyd Crowder … that smell is Dickie shitting a brick.

I don’t have much else to say about this episode other than I can’t FUCKING wait for next Tuesday.