Video: Every Bat-Climb Window Cameo From ‘BATMAN 66’ In One Place. Holy Climbing, Rat Guy.

Back in the day, Batman and Robin climbed the shit out of buildings. Just a nice piece of rope between their thighs, relying upon the closeness of one another to ensure they climbed successfully. The gentle touch of Batman upon the small of Robin’s back. Whispering: we can make it. Woah! What happened. Anyways. They loved the shit out of climbing, and here in one place is every cameo from their climbing.

Comics Alliance:

When I was growing up, I would watch the 1966  Batman  TV show for at least an hour every day. I always loved it when a celebrity would pop through a window during Batman and Robin’s famous vertical Bat-Climbs (which, as you can see in the graphic above, was just a hilariously cheap camera trick). Even when I had no idea who these people were — which was often — the fact that people were just stopping to chat with Batman on his way to punch out crooks was always fun.

That’s why I was pretty excited when I saw that there was  a video with all fourteen Bat-Climb Window Cameos cut together. Check it out, along with a little bit of commentary on who these folks were, after the cut!