‘Sea of Thieves’ E3 2016 Trailer: Rare Brings Yarr’ll A Pirate Sim

I appreciate the fuck out of the conceit of this game, Sea of Thieves. It ain’t for me. But I appreciate it.

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Rare dropping ‘Rare Replay’ for XB1. Thirty futzing classics for $30


Remember Rare? The BattletoadsGoldeneye 007Killer InstinctRC Pro-AM company? Well, I’m not shitting you. They still exist. Not only do they still exist, but they’re bundling up a goddamn collection of their classics, and dropping them on the Xbox One. It’s a great deal if you’re looking to play some classics and you are too silly to rock an emulator.

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Microsoft files ‘Battletoads’ trademark, my childhood weeps happily


Microsoft has filed a trademark for Battletoads. According to the Web, of course. SURELY YOU JEST, CRUEL INTERNET? Don’t fuck around with me. I’m more than fucking ready to rock out to a modern, side-scrolling Toadtacular beat ’em up. So don’t play with my heart.

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[E3 2013] – The Unofficial E3 Kickoff features Vita, Kinect and a Nap before MS @12:30pm EST


It’s a confusing fucking start to E3’s flagship channel of coverage, Spike/GTTV.

A Vita world premiere that amounted to an esoteric Japanese handheld bore that looked like a war of icons and numbers?

Rare’s return to the centre stage to show off a new Kinect Sports?

Kill me.

We can all hope this is all just ancillary padding to the main events – the first of which is Microsoft’s XBox Media Briefing at 12:30pm EST – which are primed to be as packed full of goodness as they ever have been.

Today is the day the big hitters – MS, EA, Ubisoft and Sony – speak to the gaming press, the gaming population and the public at large about their plans for entertainment for the next 5-7 years. Make it good kids! The world’s watching.

What are you all excited for this E3?

‘GOLDENEYE 007 had its classic multiplayer mode added last minute. Ridiculous.

A big staple of my adolescence was playing endless hours of GoldenEye 007 with Rendar and our friends. Raging hardcore at bullshit tactics but loving every minute of it. I imagine this is a bit of a ubiquitous feeling across gamers of our generation. Low and behold some crazy shit! The generation-defining mode was a last minute addition that the powers that be didn’t even know about.

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