‘Sea of Thieves’ E3 2016 Trailer: Rare Brings Yarr’ll A Pirate Sim

I appreciate the fuck out of the conceit of this game, Sea of Thieves. It ain’t for me. But I appreciate it.


Though the gameplay footage was brief, today we got a taste of what you’ll be able to do in Sea of Thieves—and it looks great.

Obviously, there’s a lot of sailing and exploration of different islands, all of which you’ll enjoy with the company of your pals. Unless of course you make enemies. Naval battles against other pirates seems to be a big part of Sea of Thieves.

There seems to be some degree of hierarchy built into the game, with different ships having specific captains—who will have their own quarters, of course:

Crew members, meanwhile, must do their part to keep the ship in tip-top shape. Sometimes this means manning different parts of the ship, but other times it will mean doing things like boarding up exposed areas that were damaged during battle.

In short, it looks like a pirate sim—which sounds cool as hell to me.