Benicio Del Toro cast in the new ‘Predator’ movie


Benicio Del Toro is awesome. Shane Black is awesome. The Predator is awesome. This movie is trending towards awesome.

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‘Predator’ Teaser Image: You’ll Never See (This Tease) Coming

Predator Teaser Image

So, Predator is still a movie-thing. I had sort of completely forgotten that another installment was in the works. I will almost certainly forget once again by tomorrow.

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‘PREDATOR’ getting REBOOTED by Shane Black? F**k yes.


Looks like Shane Black has found his next landing spot after helming Iron Man 3 last year. The son of a bitch appears set to tackle a Predator reboot. And while I’d generally roll my eyes at the premise, it’s hard to deny Black’s talent.

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The Dude’s High 5s: 5 Badass 80s Action Heroes

Another Wednesday, another set of High 5’s.   Hit the jump for more.

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