NSA totally has spies in ‘WORLD OF WARCRAFT.’

Really awesome spies.

This doesn’t surprise anyone, right? That the NSA has spies in World of Warcraft, Xbox Live, and other gaming conduits? I mean, I don’t know how much creepy shit is lurking within the corridors of Iron Forge, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it served as a meeting place for unsavory characters.

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Obey! Big Brother!

I’m a beaten man when it comes to this sort of nonsense. Yesterday’s Megaton Bomb was the Megaton Bomb that anyone with a subtle sense of what is going on in this world already knew: the NSA pretty much collects everything about all of us. The only solution? Continue plummeting down the rabbit hole into furry-scat-vomit porn and fiction, attempting to at least shock them. Though I know with resignation that I am not a unique snowflake, and there are lots of Me out there.

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Wikileaks exposes “TrapWire”, government spy network using regular surveillance cameras. Suffers DDoS.

Welcome to the wonderfully quiet Police State, folks. Wikileaks has expose “TrapWire”, a government program that uses ordinary surveillance cameras to spy on the reg. In response, the site has suffered a rather massive DDoS. Sadly, you know what? Shit is unnecessary. The average United States citizen don’t give no fucks, as long as they have their fried foods and reality television.

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DOJ Asks Court To Keep Secret Any PARTNERSHIP Between GOOGLE And NSA. LOL @ Privacy

The Justice Department refuses to divulge whatever sort of agreement there may be between Google and the National Security Agency. Not that there is  one, of course.

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