Wikileaks exposes “TrapWire”, government spy network using regular surveillance cameras. Suffers DDoS.

Welcome to the wonderfully quiet Police State, folks. Wikileaks has expose “TrapWire”, a government program that uses ordinary surveillance cameras to spy on the reg. In response, the site has suffered a rather massive DDoS. Sadly, you know what? Shit is unnecessary. The average United States citizen don’t give no fucks, as long as they have their fried foods and reality television.

Web Pro News:

WikiLeaks is no stranger to being brought down by DDoS attacks. The Web site has been attacked multiple times, usually after a major leak. This past week has been a little difference because the Web site and all its mirrors have been down for nine days. What did they leak this time that caused such an uproar and who’s behind such a massive attack?

WikiLeaks says that they’ve been under attack since revealing TrapWire. According to a leak from Stratfor, TrapWire is a massive surveillance system operated by a private security company called Abraxas. Its goal is to collect information from security cameras around the nation and feed them into a central database. For more on TrapWire, check out this lengthy and comprehensive postthat cuts through all the conspiracy theories that have popped up since its unveiling.

WikiLeaks claims that their servers are being attacked by 10 Gbps of bogus traffic per second. If true, this is one of the largest DDoS attacks on record. Having lasted for nine days, it might also be the longest sustained DDoS attack on record.

Game has been over for a while now.