Cosplay: New 52 BATGIRL got that chitin armor goin’ on

Batgirl time!

Okay maybe I’ll stow my disdain for everyone in the New 52 rocking chitin armor. Just this once! It totally doesn’t anything to do with a beautiful, powerful woman rocking some. (It has everything to do with this. Cut me some slack.)

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Cosplay: NEW 52 Catwoman is always welcome.


All the Catwoman cosplay! All! The! Catwoman! Cosplay! Yep, yep, yep.

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DC teases JOKER’S DAUGHTER’S debut in NEW 52. Frankly, I didn’t know she existed.

Duela Dent.

Duela Dent is coming to the New 52! Hide your kids, hide your wives. Jesus Christ, talk about a stale cultural reference. Fuck you, Caff! Anyways, yeah. Joker’s Daughter is coming to the refried DC Universe. Perhaps this excites you. Frankly, I didn’t even know the Joker had a daughter. I understand this is a cascading wave of comic book failure raising towards me.

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SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN are officially a couple in the NEW 52

The easy answer to that dumb fucking conversation in Mallrats has been answered with the obvious. Wonder Woman has the piping to handle Superman’s shotgun load, and now she is hooked up with the guy.

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THE JOKER Returns In ‘BATMAN’ #13, I Nod And Want To Hug Snyder.

Hell yes. I’m madly in love with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run on Batman in the rebooted!, relaunched!, totally New 52! Seeing as I’m drinking their delicious honeyed nectar, how can I not be stoked they’re handling the return of the Joker?

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First Look: Becky Cloonan’s Art In ‘BATMAN #12’. So Good.

Buh! Wha? I didn’t know that Becky Cloonan was rocking out on Batman. Praise be to the Pencil Gods! Here’s a peak at her work on The Bat-Man #12, which is an epilogue to the whole Court of the Owls storyline that Snyder has been riffing on since the title relaunched in the New 52. Can’t fucking wait, man.

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George Perez Couldn’t Stand Working On New 52 ‘SUPERMAN’

It should be pretty obvious that I enjoy any and all of these nightmare stories vomiting up out of the anus of DC. Here’s George Perez detailing what a slug to the hog it was to pen Superman in the New 52.

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Eight Months Into DC’s ‘NEW 52’, It Isn’t Sales “Game Changer”

Justice is served! Not the Justice League, mind you. Instead DC’s New 52 isn’t rewriting any sort of financial paradigms. This is a good thing, since you know, it really wasn’t that spectacular. Unless you like chitin armor, in which case it was the second coming of God. Or third or fourth coming, depending on your deities of choice.

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‘EARTH 2’ WRITER James Robinson: Alan Scott Won’t Be The Only Gay Character In Earth 2. I’d Hope Not.

Alan Scott is the prominent character that DC is introducing into New 52 continuity as gay. The original Green Lantern! Neat? It all sort of feels like a cop out to me, plastering this announcement everywhere and then finding out its a dude 70% of pop culture doesn’t know. Writer of Earth 2  James Robinson was discussing all of this with The Advocate  when he revealed the obvious (?), that Alan Scott won’t be the only gay character.

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DC’s “Prominent Gay Character” Is Going To Be Alan Scott. Well There’s That.

DC’s “prominent character” that is going to be reintroduced into the New 52 as gay turns out to be Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.

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