Nathan Fielder’s ‘The Rehearsal’ renewed for Season 2 by HBO. Summer of Nathan, baby!

nathan fielder the rehearsal season 2

I’ve been sweating Nathan Fielder’s juicy, awkward jock since his OG Nathan For You days, so this summer is glorious to me. You see, it’s the summer of Nathan! With The Rehearsal, dude is finally getting the love he deserves, and HBO is rewarding the love. The company has renewed the show for a second season.

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Showtime orders comedy series from Safdie Brothers and Nathan Fielder. Woo boy, this is going to rock.

showtime safdie brothers nathan fielder

The Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems still rattles around my brain on the regular. And, Nathan For You is one of my favorite shows of all time. So, this combination is fucking glorious. Glorious!

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Nathan Fielder has signed an HBO deal and got a new comedy pilot in the works. Good goddamn, this is fantastic!

nathan fielder hbo deal

Nathan For You is some of the most fantastic shit in recent memory, and I’ve been jonesing for Nathan Fielder to give us a follow-up since it ended. So, fuck dude, this rules.

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‘Nathan For You’ has officially ended. Perfect series, perfect finale, I’m cool with it

nathan for you has ended

After last season, most thought that Nathan For You was finished. Now, it is official. The brilliant series is no more. However, I can’t complain. The series finale was a perfect fucking coda.

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‘Nathan For You’ Season 3 Teaser: He’s Not Rooted In Reality

Nathan Fielder announces ‘Nathan For You’ Season 3 release date, also his hemorrhoid surgery.

nathan for you

Nathan Fielder is out of fucking control, and I love it. With Kroll Show and Key & Peele bowing out, Fielder is part of a new trifecta of Comedy Central tenets that I look to for guffaws and social smiting (along with Broad City and Review).

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