Video: I HAVE YOUR HEART – an animation by Molly Crabapple, Boekbinder, & Batt

Molly Crabapple is back at it, this time teaming up with animator Jim Batt, and the musician Kim Boekbinder. They’ve put together this animation, “I Have Your Heart”, and. And! They do have my heart, indeed. Sorry, I know. So cheese.

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MOLLY CRABAPPLE illustrates and talks about her Occupy arrest. ILU, Molly.

Molly Crabapple got arrested last week during the Occupy resurrection. Since then, she’s has been speaking up about her experience. I’ve noted my love for her artwork and general swagger before, and this just continues my admiration.

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Monday Morning Commute: An infinite amount of electrections!

Quickly! With rapidity. This is Monday Morning Commute, churned out on a break from work. There are scant words, so let us speak through Images and not Words or something.

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COMICS WE’RE BUYING THIS WEEK: Crabapples, Breast-Feeding, and Aliens. We Have Win!

Come one, come all into the rodeo of splash-page-ultra-narrative death. This is Comics We’re Buying This Week, the column where we gather in a neat circle and share the new funny books that are exciting us. It’s communal. Like the showers. Like the water fountain. I go first. Don’t lag behind.  This week is replete with eccentric wunder-artists, premiere issues, and breast milk. It’s going to be fun.

Don’t know what’s coming out this week? Hit up ComicList. Excuses removed!

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