Art: Paul Pope’s variant cover for the upcoming ‘Miracleman’ #2

‘Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham’ dropping in September


The first issue of Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham (is that seriously the fucking name) will drop in September. The release will be the realization of that miraculous (HAHAHA) announcement back in September 2013 that the famed franchise would see its Gaiman-run completed.

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New “Miracleman’ stories comin’ courtesy of Morrison, Quesada, Allred, and Milligan

Miraculous Man

There’s new Miracleman stories on the horizon! And you’re going to be able to close out 2014 by enjoying said fucking stories! Miracleman Annual is dropping on New Year’s Eve. So before you get hopped up on Liquor and Sentiment, make sure to stop by your local comic book shop.

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Well, shoot. I had completely forgotten that Marvel bought Miracleman. Can’t blame myself, since pretty much nothing has happened since they made purchase. However, that shit ends up! Or…in a couple of months.The Company That Loves The Word NOW! is going to begin reprinting the classic tales starting in 2014. After they finish the long-awaited game of catch-up, things get a bit crazier. Neil Gaiman is going to finally get to conclude his arc which has been sitting around for a hot minute.

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NEIL GAIMAN returning to Marvel, bringing ANGELA with him.

Neil Gaiman.

I didn’t see this one coming. I suppose that isn’t surprising, since I cannot see much through the womb of caffeine and masturbating that I exist within. Neil Gaiman is returning to Marvel, and the good man is bringing Angela with him. Yes, that Angela. The one he co-created with Todd McExpensiveBaseBalls way back in the day.

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