‘Metal Gear Solid’ is getting a vinyl album. If one track isn’t someone yelling “Snake” it’s utterly fucking pointless

metal gear solid vinyl album

The original Metal Gear Solid is getting a vinyl album. It’s droping for all ya’ll fucking hipsters who fucked with the original cinematic gaming experience. Me? Do I secretly wish I had a record player? Fucking of course.

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Oscar Isaac wants to star in the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ movie and I’ve got a solid snake in my pants I know easy joke

oscar isaac metal gear solid movie

Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake? Sign me the fuck up.

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‘Metal Gear Solid’ movie coming from the ‘Kong: Skull Island’ writer and director. Infinite exclamation points!

metal gear solid movie kong skull island writer director

The dudes behind Kong Skull: Island are teaming-up once again to tackle another beast.  The duo, whose flick Kong: Skull Island was pretty fucking rad, are taking a stab at adapting Metal Gear Solid.

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Hideo Kojima has officially left Konami; his non-compete ends in December


What has long been anything but confirmed has now been confirmed. Hideo Kojima has officially left (or is it “left”?) Konami. But don’t look for him to sit around on his ass long, as his non-compete expires in December. Any thoughts as to where he goes? What he does next?

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“Describe Omega Level’s Ideal Blogging Aesthetic In One Gif”

‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ E3 Trailer: Blood & Thunder

‘Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes’ coming to PS+ games this month. An exclamation mark in my pants!

ground zeroezzzz

I never fucked with MGS: Prologue to Probably a Length Prologue last year, given the amount it cost and the gameplay received. Still though, like that one glorious latex porn site I never signed up for, restraint was almost bested by intrigue (and horniness). Well now, to continue this metaphor, the proverbial Game as Porn Fetish is coming to the local Game Network as Streaming Porn Hub. This…this went off the rails quick. But none the less. Stoked.

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Konami CEO: Mobile is the future of gaming, we out of the AAA game

hideo kojima

I think it was long-suspected that Konami was getting out of the AAA game business. Especially since they’ve fired Hideo Kojami and/or banished to him some nether realm. But now the CEO of said company has come out and confirmed it.

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E3 2013: ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ Trailer: Bathe In Your Friends’ Ashes

MGS 5, yo.

I don’t really know what’s going on in this trailer for Metal Gear: The Phantom Zeroes’ Liquid Hour. I haven’t really thought about Metal Gear Solid since finishing that interactive movie back in 2008 with the “4” in its title. But I’m digging this trailer. I just…don’t know who anyone is, or what anything means. Like. Steve Snake is rubbing the Ashes Of His Fallen Friends. I think? It’s 20XX? Something? Eh, I’m sure I’ll figure it out later.

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Jordan Vogt-Roberts is totally directing ‘METAL GEAR SOLID’ movie

Metal Gear Solid's next engine to be revealed soon.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed last year’s indie darling Kings of Summer. So it should stand to reason that he’s taking the next logical step. A gazillion-dollar gaming franchise adaptation Leviathan. That’s how it goes now, folks. Indie darling. Blockbuster director. Disenfranchised source of fanboy disdain. It’s logical.

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