Jordan Vogt-Roberts is totally directing ‘METAL GEAR SOLID’ movie

Metal Gear Solid's next engine to be revealed soon.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed last year’s indie darling Kings of Summer. So it should stand to reason that he’s taking the next logical step. A gazillion-dollar gaming franchise adaptation Leviathan. That’s how it goes now, folks. Indie darling. Blockbuster director. Disenfranchised source of fanboy disdain. It’s logical.

The world is becoming a topsy-turvy place with no rules. You’ve got Colin Trevorrow going from the small indie “Safety Not Guaranteed” to “Jurassic World,” Gareth Edwards making the monstrous leap from the indie “Monsters” to “Godzilla” and Marc Webb also went quantum shifting from “(500) Days of Summer” to helmingSony’s current “The Amazing Spider-Man” series. Let’s add one more unlikely name to the pack.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the filmmaker behind the quirky indie teen dramedy “The Kings Of Summer” is in talks to direct an adaptation of the video game “Metal Gear Solid” (in related Playlist features, read our 12 Indie Directors Who Jumped To Blockbuster Budgets piece).

Why Vogt-Roberts for this gig? Well, for one, like all the other filmmakers listed above, being “indie” or “mainstream” is not only an antiquated notion, all of the directors above have fairly eclectic taste and most of them grew up on all kinds of pop culture. There’s also the fact that a director’s gotta eat and studios are definitely eschewing character-based dramas in favor of established brands like video games. And there’s the fact if you follow Vogt-Roberts on Twitter, this is clearly a guy who loves not only “The Godfather” and seminal films from the ‘70s that we all love, but “Star Wars” and other pop cultural touchstones – much like us. [Play List]