Jordan Vogt-Roberts is totally directing ‘METAL GEAR SOLID’ movie

Metal Gear Solid's next engine to be revealed soon.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed last year’s indie darling Kings of Summer. So it should stand to reason that he’s taking the next logical step. A gazillion-dollar gaming franchise adaptation Leviathan. That’s how it goes now, folks. Indie darling. Blockbuster director. Disenfranchised source of fanboy disdain. It’s logical.

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‘METAL GEAR SOLID’ coming to big screen courtesy of ‘SPIDER-MAN’ producer.

Metal Gear Solid was the game that kick-started the action flick cinematic nonsense pile in the world of video sames, so it is fitting that the pig gets the silver screen treatment. It feels like the franchise has been bandied about for years in regards to a big screen adaptation, but nothing has felt as legitimate as this recent news.

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