‘YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z’ TRAILER: The creator of Mega Man gets his slash on.

The creator of Mega Man is working on a Ninja Gaiden game. God is good.

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‘MEGA MAN’ Anniversary Soundtrack Collection Is E-Tank Extravagance

To celebrate Mega Man’s 25th anniversary, Capcom is unloading a tremendous beast of a soundtrack collection. Ten fat ass discs crammed into an E-Tank can be yours, Mega Man fans. Provided you live in Japan.

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Video: Mega Man and Pac-Man In Street Fighter X Tekken? G’damn Amazing.

I’m not going to play  Street Fighter X Tekken, but if I would I’d be totally rocking out as horrible US Box Art version of Mega Man. There’s Pac-Man too, and good lord if that isn’t chock full of win.

Hit the jump for details and the intro video.

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Mega Man Goes Rob Liefeld! X-TREME ROBO TIME KID!

Enlarge. | Via.

Jeffrey Cruz brought the world this gem: a Rob Liefeld-esque rendition of Mega Man. Bask in the glory of a fucking X-TREME robot from your childhood.