Monday Morning Commute: The Robots Are Comin’!

The Robots are coming.

Hello, friends! Be you long-time wards of the Spaceship, or recent innocent bystanders gobbled up by last weekend’s Fan Expo in Toronto. This column right here is Monday Morning Commute, a weekly installment where we blather about the various things we’re indulging in during a given week. A list of the ointments we shall be applying to the burn of Existence. Too overwrought? Too grandiose? Post a fucking list of the shit you are getting down with over the course of the next seven days.

Ah, better.

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[Interview] Jordie Bellaire – Color Your World!

At its core, the comic book medium can be thought of as the combining of words and images so as to produce a cohesive narrative. As such, it’s easy to understand why most comics are created not by a single individual, but by a team of creators. But even with this understanding in tow, most comic fans only acknowledge the prowess of their favorite writers, pencillers, and (occasionally) inkers.

Which is a damn shame, `cause colorists are the ones who truly bring the paneled pages to life.

In an attempt to better understand the role and responsibilities of a comics colorist, I reached out to Jordie Bellaire. As the colorist for MANHATTAN PROJECTS, HULK: SEASON ONE, and a slew of other projects, Jordie is making a name for herself as a sought-after and respected comics artist. Hit the hyperspace jump to check out her thoughts on her career thus far, the search for inspiration, and the challenges of being the last artist on a comic book’s creative assembly line.

Put away your Crayolas and come read the thoughts of a genuine talent!

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Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson: A Title Selling Out Isn’t A Good Thing

Eric Stephenson is the publisher for Image Comics, who are the hottest mainstream comics company in my eyes. Stephenson spoke out recently about the “success” of titles of theirs such as Saga  selling out at comic book stores. He definitely dapped it up with those titles, but also pointed something out: selling out sort of sucks.

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Hickman and Pitarra’s ‘Manhattan Projects’ Is Excite!

Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra teamed-up this year for the linearity-thrashing science-fiction time-warp hyphenated-hyphen comic Red Wing. Next year they’re bringing the heat with Manhattan Projects, which takes a look at the crazy shit created by Einstein and all that we didn’t see.

Hit the jump for a preview.

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