Hickman and Pitarra’s ‘Manhattan Projects’ Is Excite!

Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra teamed-up this year for the linearity-thrashing science-fiction time-warp hyphenated-hyphen comic Red Wing. Next year they’re bringing the heat with Manhattan Projects, which takes a look at the crazy shit created by Einstein and all that we didn’t see.

Hit the jump for a preview.

Robot 6:

“I think anyone that’s followed my work knows about my affinity for near-future/alt-history, and  The Manhattan Projects  pretty much represents the crown jewel of all the stories I’ve ever cooked-up in that vein,” Hickman says in  a press release from Image. It posits that the secret project that invented the atomic bomb during World War 2 was one of many projects too dangerous to be revealed; projects that were more threatening than the atomic bomb itself.