Charlize Theron says ‘Mad Max: Furiosa’ script is done, and would love to do it

charlize theron mad max furiosa script done

I’m weary about a sequel/prequel/whatever to Mad Max: Fury Road. If only because the movie seemed like Bottled Lightning, and the concept of a new movie in the universe matching its mind-blowing, tits-tightening awesomeness seems unlikely. But, fuck it. Trust in George Miller. Trust in Charlize Theron. Trust in the Wasteland!

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‘Aquaman’ Using ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Stunt Team

aquaman mad max fury road stunt team

As long as Ben Affleck is fucking around with the script and saying he’s doing/maybe not doing The Batman, Aquaman is going to be my most anticipated DCU movie. So, I meet the news that the movie will be using the Fury Road stunt team with 100% heavy metal skull smashing excitement.

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Rumor: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel is already in Pre-Production


Looks like we’re going to be waiting a lot shorter than we were expecting for the Mad Max: Fury Road sequel. Or Prequel. If you believe the Ravens carrying the Internet Messages, the Fury Road prequel is already in pre-fucking-production. Still, I can’t help but get a bit bummed given that Furiosa is going to have a tenuous presence, at best.

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George Miller: Actually, *I am* making more ‘Mad Max’

George Miller.

George Miller is making more Mad Max, folks. The guru shot down reports earlier this week that had him peacing out from the franchise.

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2016 Oscar Nominations; A Lovely Day for ‘Mad Max’, ‘The Revenant’

Fury Road.

Here are your 2016 Oscar Nominations, featuring a good amount of love being thrown towards my movie of 2016, Mad Max. What do you think of the list? Truthfully, I don’t really give a fuck about award shows. Famous people masturbating other famous people for doing famous things. But they’re like reviews: if they support my own feelings, I love the nominations. If they don’t — fuck em’, they’re bullshit anyways! Still though — no Coogler? No Michael B. Jordan? No Theron? Bummer.

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George Miller says he is done directing ‘Mad Max’ movies

Fury Road.

George Miller, the dude who blew everyone’s tit hairs off with Fury Road last year, is done playing in his sand covered-post-apocalyptic playground.

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Maybe: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ getting Black & White release in 2016

Fury Road!

You may recall that George Miller made a black and white cut of Fury Road. He did. He wanted it on the home release.  He didn’t get what he wanted. But now! Now that wild (purportedly intendedversion of his may see life — in the futzing theaters.

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is returning to IMAX on September 11

what a lovely day

Oh fuck! Did you fuck up royally, and not catch Mad Max in theaters? Now is your chance! Do you spend your days pining for another opportunity to see the film on an enormous screen? Now is your chance! Fury Road is returning to IMAX theaters on September 11.

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Weekend Open Bar: It’s Fine To Be The Sidekick


I am no great leader of men. I am not good at planning, or issuing commands. For many that may be difficult to admit, but I find leaning into your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses is the best route. I am no great leader of men, but I’m certainly quite adept at being their right hand man. I think this is one of the reasons I get along with my wife, Sam. She is an Alpha-Human, designed to implement designs. Bend reality to her will. And I’m there to. You know. Make her laugh at the end of a long day of being professional and powerful and whatever. I can’t budget, I can’t conceive of running conferences like her. But when she’s hungry I can get her a bagel. Listen, it’s not the most glamorous life. But when you’ve caught the tail of a brilliant, gorgeous comet, you play to your strengths.

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Mad Mad: Fury Road’s First Draft was this 1999 electro-board print-out

Upon the Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is my favorite movie of the year, running. But how much better could it have been, if it cleaved directly to this drawn-out first draft from 1999? One erotic mud dance better.

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