OVER 12,000 LOKI FANS petition for a SOLO FILM. He’d Smirk a lot and Canoodle Thor.

They Like Loki.

Listen, I like Loki. He gets Thor all brooding and shit, really darkening the Lightning Lord’s mood and making his beard really pop. Get his Mjölnir throbbing and such. So I dig the character. But I don’t know how I’d feel about a solo film starring him. 12,000 other people? They don’t share my uncertainty.

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Super Unf Unf?

Shit man I don’t even care if it’s Tom Hiddleston in women’s clothing. Just give me Lady Loki. Or not. Whatever. But people fucking love the character. And Marvel seemingly knows this, as they’re going back to filming to add more of the God of Mischief.

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THOR goes ZAP.

It’s a teaser of a trailer. The rabbit hole of hype. A teaser for a trailer which is teasing a movie, et cetera. Whatever. Ain’t nothing new. The teaser for the trailer for Thor: I Lift Gods Up and Put Them Down has a lot of whizbang and portent and shit. Just watch it.

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BUTCHER BILLY inserts old-school MARVEL ART into superhero movies.

This is some outrageously fantastically swell endeavoring, right here.  Artist Butcher Billy has taken old school Marvel artwork and interjected it into movies from the House of Ideas. The results are disjointed bliss.

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The Avengers: You’re Going to See It. Now You’re Here to Understand Why You’re Going to See It.

The Avengers should be as necessary to you this weekend as breathing, if:

–  You saw and enjoyed the Marvel Universe films of the past five years — like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

– You read and enjoy superhero comic books.

– You have a fucking pulse.

If two of these things apply, you’ve probably already seen it.   If all three do, you saw it last night at midnight like the rest of us.

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New ‘AVENGERS’ Pics Are Busty, Brooding, Smokey. FLAWLESS.

Oh hell yeah! Someone has delved into the Nethers and uncorked the Avengers  Hype Machine. It’s showering us with promotional images, though most of them are just the gorgeous crew looking gorgeous if not a bit angsty. This newest batch is more of the same, with a bit of a Black Window push-up bra stylee.

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Marvel’s Shot A Secret ‘Avengers’ Trailer, Featuring The Villain?

It’s almost too fucking bad that we live in a universe filled with eternal spoilers and the death of the reveal. I realize that I contribute to the  perpetuation  of this problem, but I can’t help it. I’m an addict. Word vomiting out of Ain’t It Cool News is that Marvel has already shot a secret trailer for The Avengers, which will be attached to either Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, or both. And oh yeah, the trailer drops the reveal on the villain behind the enormo-flick coming out next year. This would have been a total balls-draining geekgasm to experience without foreknowledge, but c’est la internet or whatever.

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