Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Nightmare Alley’ remake is going to star Leonardo DiCaprio. Gimme a hell yeah

guillermo del toro nightmare alley dicaprio

I never saw del Toro’s last movie, Overwrought Symbolism Sexy Fish Time. That said I enjoy the dude a lot, and I’m extremely excited at the prospect of him remaking a 1940s noir with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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First Look: Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio as 70s studs in Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

brad pitt leonardo dicaprio once upon a time in hollywood first look

I need this fucking movie. I need it now. I need it already, for fuck’s sake.

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Leonardo DiCaprio starring in Tarantino’s Charles Manson movie. I’m feeling homicidal glee at the casting

leonardo dicaprio quentin tarantino charles manson movie

DiCaprio reteaming with Tarantino for the Charles Manson flick? I keep getting more and more excited for this movie, my dudes.

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WB wants Leonardo DiCaprio for that Joker spin-off movie. I feel like I should feel something but I don’t

wb leonardo dicaprio joker movie

WB wants Leonardo DiCaprio for that Joker spin-off movie they’re planning. The studio is planning to use DiCaprio’s friendship with BFF Martin Scorsese (who is producing the film) to land the White Whale. Is it gonna happen? Who the fuck knows. Would it be sort of dope? Sure. Am I as fatigued with superhero news as I am addicted to it? Especially DCU news? You fucking bet your ass.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is Developing a Captain Planet Movie

captain planet movie

Leonardo DiCaprio is developing a fucking Captain Planet movie. File under: things we don’t need, may be garbage, but I’ll probably see.

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Watch: ‘The Revenant’ x ‘Tony Hawk’ = ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’s Pro Revenant’

‘The Revenant’ Character Posters – Frostbitten Leo and Tom

Revenant - Leo

Give me this movie. Give me this movie right in my existential guts.

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‘The Revenant’ Poster: DiCaprio slept in a carcass (to get an Oscar, obvi)


The Revenant is probably my most anticipated movie of Q4, outside of that one Forceful release. And man, do the tales surrounding the movie continue to be outstanding.

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‘The Revenant’ Teaser Trailer: DiCaprio Conquers The Wilderness (and Death)

The Great Blacksby – the literary hero you never noticed

The Great Blacksby

Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby‘s been in theaters for a couple weeks, and it is a truly divisive talking-point amongst moviegoers. While some appreciate the sleek visuals and pervading splendor, others believe that the film isn’t grounded enough to give a fair representation of the novel. No matter which camp you find yourself in, chances’re good that if you’ve read the book or seen the movie you’ve spent some time slinging ideas about.

Such is my situation.

Allow me to be forthright – I believe that The Great Gatsby is an absolutely perfect novel. I’ve spent countless hours reading, discussing, and writing about Fitzgerald’s magnum opus, and yet I still find myself stumbling into new terrain. Of course, whenever I think I’ve find a rock worth turning over, I make a point to shout at anyone who’ll listen.

A couple years ago I posted Nick Carra-Gay?, an exploration of the possibility that the novel’s narrator is gay. Whether or not you go for the theory, it generated some great conversation.

In the hopes of generating similar discussions, I’ve taken a grad school paper I’ve just completed and rearranged it for the OL audience. Give it a read and then hit up the comments section to share your thoughts. I’m not sure if my argument’s got legs to stand on, but at the very least it’s evocative.

After all, the idea at hand is that Jay Gatsby is actually a black guy.

I now present – The Great Blacksby – The Literary Hero You Never Noticed.

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