LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System dropping this August. Oh lord, the nerd overlap here!

lego nintendo entertainment system august

LEGO is dropping a “Nintendo Entertainment System” this August, friends. And my word, what an overlap on the Nerd Venn Diagram. LEGOs. Retro gaming. Nostalgia.

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Watch: Darth Vader’s Big ‘Rogue One’ Scene Remade In LEGO

darth vader rogue one scene remade lego

I’m pretty whatever about Rogue One. But man, of course *that* Darth Vader scene made my fanboy geek-prostate explode. Now! Now it’s been remade in LEGO.

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‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Trailer: I Like To Fight Around

‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Trailer: Hero Moments and Zingers

Yes, yes I think this movie is going to be quite fun.

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‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Poster: Crime Hits The Bricks

LEGO ‘Star Wars’ series, ‘The Freemaker Adventures’ coming to Disney XD

‘LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer: Every Generation Has A (LEGO) Story

Look: Niima Outpost from ‘The Force Awakens’ recreated with LEGO


Rey’s time at Niima Outpost is one of my favorite segments of The Force Awakens. There’s so much glorious goddamn activity taking place, with monsters built with practical effects stomping around. Looking odd. Looking real. It’s great. I imagine it’s a hit with other people, especially since one LEGOWizard was inspired enough to recreate it in LEGO.

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Watch: ‘Star Wars’ LEGO sets exploding at 3,000 frames per second

Some people just want to watch the LEGO World Burn, right?

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Watch: LEGO-powered Chicken McNugget vending machine

We have crossed the threshold, folks. Into a new world, where promises are kept, and Justice is True. Or, at the very least, where there exists a fully-operational LEGO Chicken McNugget vending machine. I’m not certain, but the latter may actually be a better world than the former.

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