Look: Niima Outpost from ‘The Force Awakens’ recreated with LEGO


Rey’s time at Niima Outpost is one of my favorite segments of The Force Awakens. There’s so much glorious goddamn activity taking place, with monsters built with practical effects stomping around. Looking odd. Looking real. It’s great. I imagine it’s a hit with other people, especially since one LEGOWizard was inspired enough to recreate it in LEGO.


That’s a huge Star Wars diorama! But a giant Millennium Falcon like this deserves an extended diorama. In this case, the extension is the junkyard settlement Niima Outpost on Jakku, a quite important location in Episode VII.

It’s an Incredibly cool display, made by Wookiewarrior. Here’s a closeup of the market area, with the ruthless junk dealer Unkar Plutt hiding somewhere under the tents.

Nima Outpost!