KFC is working with a Russian 3D bioprinting lab to develop first lab-made chicken nuggets. Let’s go ‘Blade Runner’ baby!

kfc russian 3d bioprinting lab chicken nuggets

KFC and a Russian 3D bioprinting lab are working hard, friends. To do what? Bring the world the first lab-made chicken nuggets. Fucking awesome. Sign me up! I mean, don’t you dare protest. What they’re already made of? Far, far worse shit.

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KFC is testing out the “chicken donut” sandwich and we deserve our calamitous fate

kfc chicken donut

KFC is testing out a motherfucking chicken donut sandwich, and it’s exactly what you’d imagine. Shit like this? Man, it makes me think the asteroid should hurry the fuck up.

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KFC Japan is selling bath bombs that smell like fried chicken. We deserve our fates at this point

kfc japan bath bomb fried chicken

There’s something always freeing in seeing humanity collectively shrug at progress, and just lean into our collective rot. Like, how else am I supposed to interpret fucking fried chicken scented bath bombs?

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KFC’s Latest Tech Suggests Orders Based On Your Face

kfc orders based on face

KFC has some new technology that is ready to suggests orders to you. Based on your face. Hey, makes sense. I’m always hungry for some Deep Fried Sadness and Flatulence-Caked Mashed Potatoes.

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JAPAN Turning KFCs Into FANCY BARS. Chicken Grease & Bad Decisions.

Nothing says let’s get buzzed like some grease in the slop-gut. Cracking open a Budweiser and mowing a 12-piece of chicken while rooting on Amorphous Sports Team X is an American tradition. Always has been, always will be. However Japan is looking to wield the two mightiest of American delicacies: greasy and alcohol in an unlikely place. KFCs.

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