‘BioShock’ Developer Irrational Games Now Rebranded As Ghost Story Games

bioshock developer irrational games ghost story games

Irrational Games and Ken Levine, whose last great game came in 2007 (#shotsfired), has announced that they’ve rebranded themselves as Ghost Story Games. Here’s hoping they churn out something less turd-soaked than BioShock Infinite. An occasionally fun, deeply pretentious, mess of a game.

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Irrational Games (‘BioShock’) hiring for “narrative first-person shooter” project

After BioShock Infinite, Ken Levine announced that he was taking his talents (and his studio) in a different direction. And while it’s probably too early to judge, I’m going to anyways! Levine’s company is hiring for a “narrative first-person shooter”, which. You know. Sounds a lot like BioShock. IDFK?

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Irrational Games (‘BioShock’) continue to hire for their mystery game

BioShock Infinite.

Ken Levine (creator of BioShock, uncomfortably smug human) and his squad at Irrational Games continue to hire for their scaled-down mystery project. Here is hoping it’s more BioShock and less BioShock: Infinity War.

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‘BioShock’ creator Ken Levine teases next game: first-person, sci-fi, stuff

Ken Levine

Ken Levine. I don’t know how I feel about him, other than intrigued. The dude got way too much credit for the collaborative journey that was BioShock, but fuck I love that game. Then Levine and his crew churned out BioShock Infinite, which was more THIS IS A DEEP GAME than actually being a deep game. But he’s clearly something of an “auteur” if they exist (anywhere), and so I’m sweating his (group’s) next effort.

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2K is teasing something ‘BioShock.’ My money is on a remaster

Bite the Apple!

Earlier this summer, the Head Czar of  Take-Two stated that there was a future for both the BioShock and Red Dead franchises. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that we are hearing that 2K is teasing something related to the former franchise. However, what is a bit unexpected is how close the tease is to the aforementioned statements. What exactly is 2K teasing? Who knows. But if I had to bet – given that they just confirmed the series is alive – it’s a “hey don’t forget about us while we work on a new installment” remaster of the original game(s).

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‘BIOSHOCK’ STUDIO Irrational Games is closing. The Rapture is upon us?

BioShock Infinite

HA! HAHAHA! Get it? Using a BioShock reference to herald the demise of its creator? Yeah man. Next level douche-swagger up in hurr, up in hurr. Middle fingers in the air, not caring. Cause I’m secretly in mourning. But not really. I think this could be a good thing.

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‘BIOSHOCK INFINITE: BURIAL AT SEA EPISODE’ Trailer: Fanservice and Half-Baked Nonsense

BioShock Infinite

I…I still don’t know what the fuck happened in BioShock Infinite, let alone the first episode of Burial At Sea. Oh for the love of Christ put down the pie charts, the Excel spreadsheets, and your timeline. If you need to resort to that nonsense, the plot is fucked. Anyways, even with that said I’m opening up my fanboy gaping maw for Burial At Sea’s second episode. Why? Cause I’m a sucker. But most importantly? I bought the season pass ahead of time like an asshole.

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Burial at Sea.

We know when Ken Levine’s latest brilliant project is coming out. And when I say brilliant, I mean his pandering, fan service DLC that makes me feel like Irrational really didn’t have any fucking DLC planned initially.

But me? I’m still excited. Reject the binary, man!
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‘BIOSHOCK INFINITE DLC’ will return you to RAPTURE. Play as Booker AND Elizabeth.

To Rapture!

I can’t tell if this is the greatest thing ever, or fanboy fan service of the inexcusable kind. The war between the tingling parts of my mind, and the “there something just not right” parts are throwing atomic elbows at one another as I type this.


Who am I kidding.

I’m fucking stoked.

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Infinite Praise – Talking About Bioshock Infinite

inf1 copy

Without question, Bioshock Infinite has proven itself as incredibly troubling to the novice reviewer (played by myself). It’s not that the game is overwhelmingly challenging, or so perfect that I find it difficult to find fault and give a balanced account, but more that every element has been considered and given such attention: making just about everything worthy of mentioning. It’s an overwhelming game to process, but I’m going to try for you, though, because I fucking adore you. Seriously, you don’t even know.

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