‘F9’ Trailer: Fast Cars, John Cena, and uh, Space!

I cannot fucking wait for F9. Of course, the new trailer for the installment looks as fucking ridiculous as usual. But with director Justin Lin returning to the franchise, the trailer also features fantastic action the dude is known for.

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‘Fast and Furious 9’ being directed by Justin Lin, who never should have stopped directing them

fast furious 9 justin lin

I say it without irony that Justin Lin’s run on the Fast and the Furious franchise is some of my favorite dumb-action-movie directing of the past 20 years or so. Not only that, but the series suffered a marked decline (again I’m serious), when he left after the sixth installment. Dude can direct an action sequence, friends. So, this is fucking fantastic news to me.

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‘Fast & Furious’ Director Justin Lin is Rebooting ‘Knight Rider’

justin lin knight rider reboot

Justin Lee is typically known as the genius auteur responsible for the resurrection of the Fast & Furious franchise. Now he’ll also be known as the auteur responsible for the resurrection of Knight Rider.

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Warner Bros. reportedly wants Justin Lin to direct ‘Akira’ adaptation


Akira is the adaptation that will simply never die. Warner Bros. simply won’t let it! Now the company is eyeballing Justin Lin (Star Trek BeyondFurious Franchise) to shepherd the anime into Hollywood live action.

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‘Star Trek Beyond’ Poster: Kirk, Jaylah, and a lurking Elba

Kirk and Baddie

It’s the poster for a new Star Trek movie. So, naturally, it has Kirk popping a wheelie on a dirt bike. Naturally.

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‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer #2: I Think You’re Underestimating Humanity

Much better trailer than the first one. Am happening to underestimate this movie? I would much rather live in a Universe where it rules, you know? Here’s hoping.

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Vin Diesel wants Justin Lin back for final ‘Fast & Furious’ movie

Justin Lin

Justin Lin is deeply responsible for the Fast & Furious renaissance, and I mean that without irony. A large part of the enjoyment that came from the third through sixth installments of the franchise was thanks to Lin’s eye for action, and ensemble acting. Maybe it’s being a Furious Fanboy, but dude was missed in F7, with James Wan an ill-fitting replacement. So fuck yes, get him back, Vinny. Get him back.

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‘Space Jam 2’ starring LeBron and directed by Justin Lin is coming

Space Jam 2

This. This is a thing. This is a thing that is happening.

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‘Star Trek Beyond’ is reshooting; also adding an entirely new cast member


Oh Sweet Christ. Potential bad news: Star Trek Beyond is reshooting. Definite, definite, definite bad news: the movie has added EASILY THE WORST PART OF THE EXPANSE, actress Shohreh Aghdashloo.

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‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer: The Enterprise don’t got friends, it got family