‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer #2: I Think You’re Underestimating Humanity

Much better trailer than the first one. Am happening to underestimate this movie? I would much rather live in a Universe where it rules, you know? Here’s hoping.


With a shocking dearth of Beastie Boys music, Paramount released the second trailer for Star Trek Beyond at a fan event on Friday night before releasing it to the masses just after midnight on the internet.

As you have no doubt seen via the conveniently placed clip above, the new trailer features a bigger focus on the wonder of exploration that serves as a catalyst for the voyage that will eventually get derailed by what looks like a horde of space locusts. What brings the crew of The Enterprise “the vastness of space” this time? Well, Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) would like to discover himself while on a voyage with his crew (who will seemingly be scattered at one point) and his ship (that will get busted up by the aforementioned space locusts).

The trailer features plenty of high-octane action that hints at what new director and Fast and Furious franchise vet Justin Lin is bringing to the table without causing you to wonder if a NOS can might come into play at some point. There’s also a tease about the conflict between Kirk and Idris Elba’s character, Krall, though there is still a lot to unwrap about that dance and how Sofia Boutella’s character, Jaylah, is involved.