Rumor: ‘Justice League Dark’ looking at Monica Bellucci and Colin Farrell for roles

Justice League Dark.

So, I have no idea about the characters that WB is eyeing Monica Bellucci to play. But holy crap crackers, Colin Farrell as Constantine? I can fuck with that! And, I love both of those people, so I support this development.

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‘CONSTANTAINE’ TV pilot snags great ‘GAME OF THRONES’ director


How do you do your best to mitigate the insipidity that is bringing the grizzled, Hard-R character John Constantine to regular television? Well. You cancel the pilot. But if you’re not going to do that, and we both know NBC isn’t, then you bring in dude who directed one of Game of Thrones‘ biggest episodes.

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NBC developing ‘CONSTANTINE’ TV SERIES with the cruddy DAVID S. GOYER


Things that don’t excite me: David S. Goyer. Otherwise I’d be pretty jazzed about a Constantine television show. ProvidedhesfuckingBritishjesuschrist. ‘Cause you know what? The Garth Ennis run on Hellblazer is some of the finest fucking comic book writing I’ve ever consumed.

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Guillermo del Toro moving forward with DC COMICS MOVIE featuring Swamp Thing and Constantine.

Oh, Gilly. This is one of the things you’re doing instead of Episode VII? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I think this is pretty cool. Actually, sort of really fucking awesome. And yet, I can’t help but wish it was lower on your hierarchy of worthwhile projects. Or Star Wars was higher. Eh. Whatever!

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Monday Morning Commute: Never Tell Me the Odds.

I’m tired and cranky and hungry. The pile of work on my desk is increasing at an exponential rate. My gums are bleeding. How’s my breathing? Belabored. All I want to do is lay down for the night and wake up tomorrow. Know what I can’t do until I finish about seven different projects? Lay down for the night and wake up tomorrow.

Goddamn do I hate Mondays.

But I’d be a liar to imply that I don’t have a soft spot for the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE, OL‘s weekly show-and-tell feature. Here’s how it works: I’m going to give you a guided tour of my demented mind, steering you away from the Freudian nightmares and towards the entertainment wet-dreams. After scoping out the monsters lurking in my brain-bone, it’s your duty to hit up the comments section and show off the wares you’ll be using to survive the workweek.

C’mon, you think we’re afraid of the 9-5? You think we can’t survive the daily grind? Bring it on! FLAME ON!

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Jim Lee goes Hellblazer with Constantine sketch!

I’m fucking loving this sketch that Jim Lee shared via Twitter. I used to love Hellblazer back in the day, during Ennis’ fucking glorious run. I haven’t picked it up in a while, asking my comic shop guy on occasion if its worth checking out. I haven’t heard an affirmative, so I haven’t picked it up. But fucking hell, imagine if Jim Lee and some powerhouse author took over the reins?