OH LAWD: Free-To-Play Shooter ‘CROSSFIRE’ makes NEARLY $1 BILLI.


Sign I’m getting old: I ain’t even heard of Crossfire. Fucking free-to-play game first-person shooter. Despite not hearing of it, the son of a bitch made nearly a billion dollars last year. A fucking billion dollars!

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Oh lord. Just ridiculously sexy Disney princess cosplay. Fuck Spring Breakers, here be a Disney princess all grown up. Yeah. I don’t know man. Keep the loaves of bread away from me, ’cause the heat from my loins is about to toast them.

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Kevin Smith calls ‘CLERKS 3′ the series’ ‘EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.’ This explains everything.


This dumb as shit quote from Kevin Smith explains a lot. Namely, how willing he is to pander to geeks’ loves. Or how out of touch he can be with his own work. Or how he would routinely praise the prequels back in the day.


Just no.

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Pretty much how I spend my time harvesting content.

Jesus Christ Killing Nazis. With His Machine Gun.

Now we’re talking about a Black Sabbath! What’s going on? Welcome to the Planet Omega, of the Inappropriate System. Stumbled across this web comic over at I Heart Chaos. I think it’s something like two years old, so stuff it with the “This shit is old!” nonsense. I’m aware. But fuck, it’s new to me.

What’s crackin? Sunday morning. Ripped to the tits on caffeine, contemplating a day filled with propelled leather objects, zombies, and sociopaths. Can you have a better Sunday than one filled with football, Dexter, and The Walking Dead? Probably. But it’s a pretty fucking good one.

Throw in Jesus Christ killing Nazis, and we’re golden!

Listen Man! Even Jesus Christ Has Lag Problems.

Amazing, NFSW picture below the jump. I censor, because I want you to feel comfortable mindlessly refreshing us from your cubicles.

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