‘A Quiet Place’ Spin-Off Movie from Jeff Nichols is dropping in 2023. Okay, this could be dope.

a quiet place spin off movie 2023

Fuckers, what do you do with a successful movie franchise? Milk its tits until death! The latest example is this shit: A Quiet Place is getting a spin-off flick dropping in 2023. That said, I’m actually pretty stoked. The first two movies are solid, and the director of the spin-off fucking rules.

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‘Alien Nation’ is being remade by Jeff Nichols (‘Midnight Special’, ‘Take Shelter’)


Man, I’ve never seen Alien Nation. But from what I’ve gleamed about it, I would fucking love it. What I *have* seen are some of Jeff Nichols works, and he’s fantastic. Those two things considered? They, they have me excited for this.

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‘Midnight Special’ Trailer: Nichols Channels Spielberg for Our Benefit

I can’t really figure out what Midnight Special is about. It’s like, Jeff Nichols doing something very Spielberg-esque. Beyond that, though, I have no idea regarding the movie’s plot. I think I’m okay with this.

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Maybe: Jeff Nichols directing ‘Aquaman’


You shall not forget the fucking KING OF THE SEA ANIMALS. So here’s a friendly reminder. There’s an Aquaman movie coming, and it may be directed by a legitimately talented dude. (I.E: someone other than Zack Snyder. #Whatever, #LOL.)

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