The Japanese military has announced it will track UFOs. The truth is fucking out there!

japanese military track ufos

The Japanese military is on one, friends. Like, in a good way. It has announced that it will be tracking UFO sightings. Fuck yes.

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Japanese elementary school cancels graduation over coronavirus, students hold the ceremony in ‘Minecraft’ which is cool as fuck.

japanese students minecraft graduation

Hey! Here’s a neat little happening to make you smile in these absolutely appalling times! A Japanese elementary school canceled its graduation. So, did the students take it lying down? Fuck nah! They held it in Minecraft instead! So dope.

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Japan has greenlit a mission to explore Mars’ moons and bring back a sample. Gimme an astronomical fuck yeah!

japan sample mars moons

Japan! Those motherfuckers. Making astronomical moves and such. They’ve officially given the go-ahead to a project that will explore Mars’ moons. Not only that, but the project intends to bring a sample back from Phobos!

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Shigeru Miyamoto named “Person of Cultural Merit” by Japanese government which is a prestigious-as-fuck accomplishment

japanese government shigeru miyamoto

Man. Just think about Shigeru Miyamoto. The dude has given so many of us so much throughout the decades. And now? The Japanese government is recognizing Miyamoto for his contributions.

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Japan is offering $1 billion research grant for human augmentation and cyborg technology. The middle finger to mortality, comrades!

japan human augmentation cyborg

Japan is offering some serious cheese for human augmentation and cyborg research. Pretty awesome, no? Also, pretty bold of them that there’s a future for the planet that’s worth existing on, no?

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Japan is sending a rover to the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos. I’m so fucking hype about this!

japan rover martian moons

Japan is sending a rover to a couple of Martian moons. And, well? This is all good news, since climate reports this week have pegged Earth as somewhere between “Absolutely fucked” and “Pretty much fucked.” I’m ready to be a Belter, ala The Expanse. Let’s go!

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Watch: Japan has released a video of it bombing that asteroid. ?Throw up the horns! ?

We all knew that Japan bombed an asteroid. Which, is awesome unto itself. But, getting to see it in action? Doubly awesome. Awesome-aweosme.

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Nicolas Cage has been turned into a snack in Japan, a country which clearly gets it

nicolas cage japanese snack

Nicolas Cage has been turned into a snack in Japan. Typically I spread cheeks and push when it comes to promotional materials for movies. However, this one clearly fucking nails it.

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Japanese Spacecraft Observes Gravity Wave In Venus’ Atmosphere

japanese spacecraft venus gravity wave

Venus’ atmosphere got itself a serious. Fucking. Gravity wave. We’re talking 6,000 miles-long serious.

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Watch: An Adult VR Festival is coming to Japan

pornographic contentr

There’s an adult VR festival coming to Japan. It’s looking to pair up, uh, pioneers in the world of VR. You know, getting the great and most enterprising minds in teledildonics, virtual reality, and sundry other facets together. Not just to wank with their headsets on, in unison, mind you. Though I must confess I hope that happens. But also to innovate! To brainstorm!

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