Japanese elementary school cancels graduation over coronavirus, students hold the ceremony in ‘Minecraft’ which is cool as fuck.

japanese students minecraft graduation

Hey! Here’s a neat little happening to make you smile in these absolutely appalling times! A Japanese elementary school canceled its graduation. So, did the students take it lying down? Fuck nah! They held it in Minecraft instead! So dope.

IGN Southeast Asia:

apanese students are using Minecraft to enjoy their school graduation virtually, in spite of a coronavirus lockdown.

Japanese schools have been closed for over two weeks due to COVID-19 and, with the Japanese school year ending in March, it’s meant many students won’t have their graduation ceremonies, according to SoraNews24.

However, graduates from one elementary school found they could use Minecraft to create their own ceremony. Without any school or parental oversight, kids designed their own assembly hall, and gathered on a server to play out their graduation online.

SoraNews24 translated the following tweets as: “They spent all day online together playing games and laughing. I’m glad they all had fun,” and “The assembly hall is also really well made.”

Minecraft continues to be a great platform for people to let their imagination run free in all sorts of ways. This is just another example of how it’s more than a game for people all around the world.