Marvel’s next Iron Man is Riri Williams, a 15 Year-Old Black Girl who attends MIT

Riri Williams.

Marvel has announced that the next Iron Man is going to be Riri Williams. I’m not familiar with. But apparently she’s a Stark-level genius African American girl who attends MIT. I can dig it.

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Mary Jane Watson joining Bendis’ ‘Invincible Iron Man’ supporting cast

Mary Jane.

Mary Jane Watson is joining the pages of…Invincible Iron Man? Hey. I don’t know. It could be cool. Marvel certainly seems to be shuffling around the status quo post-Secret Wars, and there’s every chance the new deck (is this metaphor crumbling?) could be dope. What do you think.

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Oh golly. Not only is Jonathan Hickman leaving Fantastic Four this year, it also appears that Matty Fraction is throwing up the deuces towards Invincible Iron Man. This saddens me a great deal, Fraction and Larocca having delivered quality Anthony Stark tales for the past, what, four years? Damn. Double damn.

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Marvel Ending NINE TITLES In October As MARVEL NOW! Kicks Off. Groan. They’ll Be Back.

Marvel is ending nine goddamn titles this October as their Marvel NOW! initiative gets underway. Goddamn ridiculous. Half of these titles have already been ended in the past year or so. How many #1 issues can Captain America or Invincible Incredible Wonderful Iron Man have?

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