Louis C.K. Announces Two New Stand-Up Specials Coming To Netflix

louis c.k. netflix two specials

Louis C.K. got himself two new stand-up specials coming to Netflix. Which is fantastic news to me.  Yeah, real profound copy. I know. Fuck.

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Pixar has announced its Dia de los Muertos film, ‘Coco’, by the ‘Toy Story 3’ team


Pixar is finally letting us in on its long-in-development Dia de los Muertos movie. At D23, the company officially unveiled the movie, known as Coco.

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Marvel announces ‘Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur’ by Reeder, Montclare and artist Bustos

The Odd Couple.

What an odd fucking title. And man, am I ever stoked for odd, out of the normal titles from the Big Two. The announcement caught by eyes because of the presence of Amy Reeder, whom I totally love on Rocket Girl.

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Marvel drops first official look at Matt Murdock and Daredevil from the TV Show


Marvel’s done some Daredevil official revealing. And FUCKING THEN SOME. (What does that mean? I’m not sure.) Today at NYCC the company dropped official images of Charlie Cox not only as Matt Murdock, but also one of him in his first Man Without Fear gear.

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GREG PAK and Aaron Kuder taking over ‘ACTION COMICS’ this November.

Action Comics #20.

Greg Pak seems to be the go-to for the Super-Guy right now. The scribe is currently helming Batman & Superman: The Odd Couple, and this November he is going to be taking over Kal Kent’s flagship title. The good sir will be joined by Aaron Kuder, combining into the sort of interesting brew that may lure me back onto the comic’s jock. It seems so fuzzy. And welcoming.

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MARS got a BANANAS Northern Polar Ice Cap.


Woah! What a dumb first line. Whatever. Double woah! Take a look at Mars’ northern polar ice cap. There are some seriously impressive natural forces taking place in this picture. Forces so majestic in scope that I cannot even begin to understand them. I’m just here for the free chicken and pictures!

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Odd as fuck. My favorite MMA fighter of all time is getting all up in the Marvel movie universe. Georges St-Pierre has been cast to play none other than Batroc the fucking Leaper in Cap 2: Plz I Love You Bucky. What the fuck is going on in this world? I can’t believe that the flick is going to feature Batroc, let alone that GSP is going to be playing him. Yus. I need to stop complaining, and thank the OMNI Dimensional creator for this delicious aberration.

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J.J. ABRAMS + JUDGE DREDD = new robot cop show ‘HUMAN.’

He fucking hates you.

Karl Urban is in the lead in the new J.J. Abrams’ television show about a robot cop or some shit. After LOTR, Star Trek, and Judge Dredd, I’m pretty much ready to watch Karl Urban do anything. Shoot perps. Take off his shirt and play basketball. Shoot perps while playing basketball. (Shirtless). So while I’m usually needling on Abrams’ dumb TV pilots this one has me excited! Much excite!!!

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Cosplay: LADY LOKI is always welcome mischief!

Lady Loki up in hurr. Up in hurr.

For my money, there are few cosplay ideas that I enjoy more than Lady Loki. All that sexy sultriness, plus the have those phallic reminders stapled right onto her dome-piece. Yus.

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Joss Whedon calls ‘S.H.I.E.L.D’ show ‘VERY HOPEFUL’, I fear a Skrull impersonator.

Joss Whedon.

Joss Whedon has dared to call one of his shows “very hopeful”, inadvertantly exposing the fact that his existence has been taken over by a Skrull impersonator.

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