Official: The Hulk is in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’


Rumored no more! Confirmed right now!

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Art: Hulk clappin’ the futzin’ symbiote off of Venom

Marvel announces ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ by Greg Pak and Frank Cho


Totally awesome! Hulk! Smash shit! Eat humans! Fuck shit up.

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Ruffalo: MARVEL considering a solo HULK movie

The Hulk all be questioning and such.

Marvel’s maybe reversing their “No Way, Jose” stance on the Hulk getting a solo movie. How do you guys feel about a Hulk flick? On one hand, I’m like. Cyeah, bro. Smash shit. Be angry. For ninety minutes. On the other hand, perhaps the Hulk rules when he’s sparingly on the screen. The transformation is still special, the destruction still noteworthy.

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Marvel drops ‘AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON’ concept art, featuring Hulkbuster vs. Hulk throwdown.

Avengers - Age of Ultron.

Oh yeah! Wait — that Marvel: Assembling The Universes and Shit special was on tonight? On ABC? I didn’t catch it. Forgot. Thankfully for my ass, every fucking website is posting the concept art that Marvel revealed during it. There’s some dope stuff within, but I’m pretty sure everyone is just going to be stroking, slapping, or rubbing it to one piece of art in particular. Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster armor going head to head with the Hulk. Goddamn. Hulkbuster. Boner. Hulkbuster. Say it again, baby. Hulkbuster.

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DISQUS F**KING BLOWS. Clear Your Chrome Data.


Simply put: no idea why Disqus isn’t working on Chrome. However, if you clear out your data it should restore functionality. Apologies + whatever.

Let me know if it does?

‘MARVEL KNIGHTS’ returning with several INDIE-CREATOR driven series. MATT KINDT like wut?

Kindt! Is in!

Marvel Knights is returning, baby! Back in the day, Marvel Knights arrived on the scene and punched my balls with awesomeness. Maybe it doesn’t hold up (I don’t remember), but the Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada run on Daredevil was one of my favorites at the time. So I’m pretty goddamn excited that the imprint is returning under the tutelage of some indie darlings.

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‘AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.’ VIRAL VIDEOS: Conspiracy Group Hunts The Hulk!

Agents of SHIELD.

Interesting. Here are a bunch of viral videos for Agents of SHIELD. They’re neat enough. What is intriguing about them however is that they raise the question of when the show takes place. Many a person has speculated that Coulson is actually dead, and the television show takes place prior to Avengers. These videos could corroborate such a belief. I mean, the Hulk is a “real life creature” being investigated? Seeing Iron Man on film a big deal? Motherfuckers are both wayyy out in open by the time of the Avengers credits roll.

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New ‘HULK’ standalone flick wouldn’t be until after ‘AVENGERS 2′, plus ‘AVENGERS 3′ teaser?

Look at Kevin Feige dropping No Duh! Bombs! Dude is all like saying that a standalone Hulk flick with Ruffalo wouldn’t come until after Avengers 2. No doi! All of us geeks have spent hours scouring Marvel’s Phase 2. This doesn’t surprise me. At all.

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Guillermo del Toro hints at ‘big name’ writer for his ‘INCREDIBLE HULK’ TV show. Please god not Lindelof.

The whole fucking Hulk on TV and in the movies but being two different universes – maybe – and two different actors – definitely- hurts my fucking skull. It doesn’t take much to hurt my skull. Children. Math. Squirrels. So trying to comprehend the complexity of the Bruce Banner multi-medium conundrum gets the nose bleeding. Can’t this shit be simple? Maybe? With all of this incestuous riddling, I’m finding it hard to get excited for the TV version of the Hulk product. Maybe del Toro knows this, and that is why he is tweaking my nipples with sweet nothings.

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