Marvel announces ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ by Greg Pak and Frank Cho


Totally awesome! Hulk! Smash shit! Eat humans! Fuck shit up.


When the new Hulk debuts in late 2015, he’s bringing with him a new attitude, a new look and an all-new, all-different adjective.

Once the dust from “Secret Wars” settles, and theMarvel Universe is no longer under the control of Doom, Greg Pak and Frank Cho will present readers with “The Totally Awesome Hulk,” a new series starring an as yet unrevealed gamma-powered lead.

In an interview with, the creators say that the currently-under-wraps identity of their jade giant will be revealed in their first issue. However, while it’s the most obvious mystery at this point, it’s far from the only one.

“There will be no mystery about the Hulk’s identity once the book hits — you’ll find out who the new Hulk is on page one,” Pak told “And it will indeed be totally awesome, and it will fuel everything that happens in the story.”

“The book will be entirely accessible to brand new readers and to folks who are reading only this book,” Pak said of how he and Cho are approaching the series. “At the same time, it will indeed be tied into the fabric of the ongoing Marvel Universe and will set some things in motion that will have pretty huge reverberations for many characters.”

“The Totally Awesome Hulk” smashes into the new Marvel Universe in late 2015.