Monday Morning Commute: Going Home Isn’t Always Bad

Well, the lights are back on. The air purifiers churning out recycled farts. The humming of the nexus-engines providing a soothing-if-not-ominous brown noise. The Space-Ship Omega has been roused from its slumber. ‘Cause sometimes going home isn’t always bad. After creating a Discord last year for OL acolytes (it’s not a cult, but it’s also not not a cult), the question became rather daunting: what purpose did a blog serve? It was a question which hounded me from tip to taint, and I suppose eventually I fell upon the misbegotten answer. I decided that the blog served no purpose.

I was incorrect, friends. You see, it’s a smaller, more intimate gathering for those not up for the perpetual word-vomiting of fellow Space-Ship inhabitants. But, as well? It’s a fantastic archive of my travels through space-time. The blog proves to be snapshot of my existence at various points in my linear meat-space existence. If this blog ain’t for anyone else, it’s for me. But I hope it’ll also be for you.

You see, going home isn’t always bad. Sometimes, it’s exactly what you need. A reprieve, an enclave, an oasis.

This is Monday Morning Commute. Grab a pop, pop off your pants, and let’s shoot the shit about what we’re looking forward to this week. And if it’s only me? Babbling to me? Into infinity? I’m fine with it.

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PlayStation Studios Working On 25+ Games and ‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ Still On For 2021. Fuck Yes!

sony playstation studios 25 games in the works

I’ve complained a lot about Sony’s dumb-ass moves this generation. I know, I know. But their first-party titles will have me continuing to pay fealty, and Jesus Fucking Christ are there a lot of them coming. In fact, them motherfuckers got over 25 games in the works and some of them are new IPs. Dope, dope fucking news. Also dope fucking news? Horizon: Forbidden West is still on for 2021, baby!

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‘Horizon Forbidden West’ is launching in late 2021. Bank on it being the big holiday title, baby!

horizon forbidden west late 2021

Sony’s come out and confirmed what I sort of assumed. That is, Horizon Forbidden West ain’t dropping until late 2021. Not a real big surprise, you know? It makes sense for this glorious son of a bitch to be next year’s big holiday exclusive.

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‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ is dropping on PS5 in 2021. Fucking next year! Thank the Maker.

Holy shit, dudes. Horizon: Forbidden West is arriving in 2021! Next year. So soon! I mean, it’ll have been four years since the original. So it makes sense. And man, I’m fucking stoked.

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