‘Hellraiser’ Teaser Trailer: I Want To Believe In Rebooted Legendary Suffering

Here’s a trailer for the new Hellraiser! It’s almost nothing, content wise. So it does nothing either way to ease my skepticism about the new installment! That said, it’s Saturday, and the caffeine is ripping through me, so let’s be optimistic? The director behind the project is super solid, after all!

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‘Hellraiser’ Remake is officially dropping on Hulu. May its suffering be legendarily awesome!

The Hellraiser remake is continuing to bound through time, space, and conceptions of pain to puncture our reality. The son of a bitch is officially coming to Hulu, and hey why the fuck not. Normally I’d be hesitant about remaking one of my favorite movies, but its director David Bruckner is super fucking solid. As well, if it sucks? Fuck it! No harm, no foul.

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Clive Barker has joined on as executive producer of that ‘Hellraiser’ series on HBO and now I’m fucking excited

clive barker executive producer hbo hellraiser series

I was skeptical as fuck about the upcoming Hellraiser series on HBO. However, now I’m a little more optimistic. The series has gained Clive Barker himself as executive producer. Like, I don’t know if that dude has his fastball anymore. Look at the Greatest American Director of All Time John Carpenter signing off on 2019’s mediocre-as-fuck Halloween movie. But, it’s a start. You know?

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‘Hellraiser’ TV Series coming to HBO with ‘Halloween’ director David Gordon Green helming

hellraiser tv series david gordon greenhellraiser tv series david gordon green

Man, even more Hellraiser news, eh? We had word a movie was coming, with a script being written by David S. Goyer. Gross! However, this news is a bit more dope. There’s a Hellraiser TV series coming, and it’s being directed by the dude behind the latest Halloween. I wasn’t super horny for the Halloween movie, but I was entertained enough. And honestly? I’d be fine with that coming from this series.

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‘Hellraiser’ reboot being directed by the dude who did ‘The Ritual’ and written by David S. Goyer. So, uh. Fuck.

hellraiser reboot director

Hellraiser is getting rebooted, friends! Again! And, it’s being directed by the dude behind The Ritual. Admittedly, I’ve never seen this movie. But I’m concerned because it’s sitting with an asstacular rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, his upcoming movie The Night House is pretty good? Who the fuck knows? Perhaps most concerning, the script was written by David S. Goyer. Not great!

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OL Plays – Katana Zero – A Decade of Dumb Assery!

On this edition of OL Plays? We’re talking cuckold Coconut Water! (Pun?) We’re beating Katana Zero! We’re working our yoga breath! We’re celebrating a decade of OL We’re imploring friends to take their tarps off. A usual Saturday night.

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