Watch ‘STAR WARS’ characters grooving to ‘HAPPY’ by Pharrell Williams

shake dat shit.

Oh don’t be so cynical. Shake your little mud-hole to the tunes along with the rest of these Star Wars characters. It’s the Sabbath, allow yourself some fun.

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RZA follows-up directorial debut by adapting Grant Morrison’s “Happy!’, this is rad.

What a weird and welcome development coming down the pipe. The RZA is following-up his first stab at directing by adapting Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s new comic book, Happy!. While I haven’t read the fucking comic book yet, having not gotten to the shelves recently, I’m like totally intrigued. Totally.

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GRANT MORRISON Leaving ‘ACTION COMICS’, BATMAN INC’, superhero comics in general in 2013.

Grant Morrison seems to be setting himself up for stepping out of the superhero game for a while. The good Scottish Alien Lad has announced that come 2013, he’s finishing up his work on ActionThe Bat-Man Incorporation, and leaving the capes for the time being.

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IMAGE EXPO RECAP: Grant Morrison Has A New Creator Owned, ‘Phonogram’ Is Back. AND MORE.

Image is entering into 20+12 and they seem to be not fucking around. This weekend was their Image expo, and they announced  a panopoly of awesome content from a collection of really talented creators. None more  titillation  to me than my Scottish Alien Lord, Grant Morrison.

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